10 Sexy Hair & Makeup Trends of All Time

There is a very popular myth that suggests fashion only involves clothes, shoes & handbags. Many of us women often love to upgrade our closet with a pair of Manolo Blanics from the fall 08 collection, or a nice and flirtatious Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dress. But how often do we change our make up pattern? Or introduce an edgy twist to our dull hair? It probably isn’t as often as we should, but despite that a lot of us don’t have a clue when it comes to the brushes, whether it’s the hair brush or the blush applier. But like the incredibly sophisticated yet chic blazer by DKNY or an ever popular big black Chanel bag, there are some things in the hair and makeup department that never goes out of style. You don’t have to run to your hairstylist every runway season to get the trendy edgy looks, or break your bank by splurging on incredibly expensive brand name makeup products. Here are some classic hair and makeup trends that will make you look fun, sexy & edgy at all occasions.

vamp eyes

• Vamp Eyes:  For most of us, a stroke of eyeliner on the lids is an everyday thing. We apply it before we head out in the morning and then re apply around the clock as needed. But there is a way to dramatize this well loved trend. For day time, go for a light thin stroke on the lower lids and a medium one on the upper. To avoid the lower stroke from smudging, apply a little translucent powder underneath it. On the upper lid, add a neutral shade like light brown or grey to avoid making it look too intense. You can easily dramatize this look when the sun goes down by adding a broader stroke on both the lids. Then, to make it look sultry by adding black shadow on the upper lids between the liner and the grey eye shadow, then smudge it with your finger tips or a cotton swab.

glowing skin

• Glowing skin: When it comes to caring for your skin, ditching a heavy foundation is a good choice because they tend to clog up the pores, make your skin structure look a bit fake and there is a chance an overuse may make it look too cake-y. Instead, try the glowing skin look. To get a very dewy complexion, it is suggested to eat a lot of vegetables and drink a lot of water. But you can easily fake it by applying a powder highlighter. Choose a flattering shade depending on your skin tone. Applying a shade that is too dark or too light compared to your complexion is a very huge fashion faux pas. Use a big brush and dust it over your cheek bones, upper lips & eye corners. It instantly makes you look younger and works wonder as a “no makeup” natural look.

• Sparkly Brown Eyes: This is a great trend that also works as “no makeup” look. Just by stroking a few times with a small eye shadow applier, it easily works for office or a casual day out. For night, intensify it by adding a deep tobacco shade on the upper lid and then blending it upwards towards the brow with a shimmering caramel shade.

• Easy yet Sexy Lips: There is nothing more effortless to get than a very sexy pout. Just use a nude color like light rose, sparkly lavender or misty brown. Then top it off with a gloss. It is best to apply the gloss on the centre of the lips rather than the entire area.

• Peach Look: This is the ultimate combo where the sexy bronze glow meets the sweet pink kissed look. Try a very light stroke of powder bronzer, rose pink lipstick with gloss and a light eyeshade with thin brown eyeliners.

• Naturally Wavy Hair: For long straight hairs, ditch the dull look by adding more drama to it. On the damp hair, add setting spray (for thick hair) or volume enhancing spray (for thin hair). Curl them around, but no too tight, and then tie the entire hair up in a loose bun. Spray some diffuser on the buns and keep it for 15 minutes. Then untie the bun, and shake it up with your hands. Love your healthy hair? Look into discount bathroom vanities, a great way to treat yourself.

• Just Rolled out of Bed Hair: Considered a great look for guys, this works for women too. It gives out a very carefree vibe without looking sloppy. Add leave in conditioner to the damp hair. Ditch the hair dryer as it makes your hair look rough and dry it under a fan. When it’s dry, gently comb it with a big toothed comb.

• Flirty Ponytail: It is possible to look flirty in a pony tail and NOT look like a school girl. Apply thickening cream to the damp hair and then dry it with a blow dryer. Then using your fingers make a pony tail an inch lower than your crown. Tighten it up, and then tease it with a big brush to add more flair.

• Edgy Bangs: The main point is to add mystery to your eyes, without making it look too juvenile. This goes best with a chic bob cut or a mid length lair cut. Make sure the bangs are lengthy and the end is uneven rather than trimmed straight. It works with a nice high up ponytail. Or it can be easily transformed to a more glam look by wearing the hair down and combing the bangs on the side.

• The Straight Hair: Arguably one of the most popular looks, it is very easy to achieve too. Just simply add some leave in conditioner or thickening cream to the damp hair, then blow dry it while brushing it with a big round brush, from root to tip. When it’s completely dry, add a bit of glossy hair serum preferably with sunscreen and voila!

Most of the tips work as a mobile look that works anywhere with anything. Whether it’s with a sophisticated office shirt, a cute and casual polo neck or a sexy cocktail dress, these looks never change. You can always glam it up with flirty earrings or a chic necklace. But it’s best not to add too much intensity into the tips above, as they are meant to be all natural and universal trends and it is best to keep it that way and not experiment with it too much.