5 ways to sell your goods online

The internet makes things so convenient for us these days that we can even sell our old and unused possessions from the comfort of our homes. However, if we want this to really work, we need to know where to go and how to go about doing it properly.

When selling an item online, it’s important to make sure you display as much information as possible, and if you are selling in bulk, it is smart to offer coupon codes as they help buyers make up their mind before buying the products . Take lots of pictures. Go picture crazy. Take pictures from every angle and of every accessory and component. It might cost a little more to post more pictures with your listing, but the more people can see of a product, especially an item of clothing or a decorative item, the more likely they will be to buy it. Once you’ve perfected your listing, make sure it’s on a website which will get your item noticed and sold for a sweet profit.



eBay is perhaps the master of all buying and selling websites. It’s the one everybody knows, and the one everybody turns to when looking for a bargain. Listing an item on eBay is a great way to shift it, but you’ll need to put extra care into making your description really good because there are a lot of items up for grabs, and you need yours to stand out. On top of that, if you want to grab some attention you can consider adding coupon codes for your products and this can encourage people who tend to save money to bif on your products.



Etsy is a great website for crafty people who want to make some money out of their artworks and homemade items. It works just like eBay, but it’s specifically made for arts and crafts, so if you’ve made something you’re looking to sell, or you just want to have a look around and buy something unique, then Etsy is the place to go. What makes it really great is that the people who are looking to buy in it are already interested in buying handmade items, so you’re targeting the right audience just by listing your item on there.



Who on earth could forget Craigslist? This is the best way to go about selling things locally, which is useful if you want to save money on shipping costs. It’s also good because you can actually meet the people you are selling to and buying from, so potential buyers can see the item in person and feel surer about buying it. This obviously comes with some safety issues, but it can also give customers the security of knowing where the item is coming from and who their money is going to (and who to hunt down if something goes wrong).



Whilst best known for selling books, Amazon is another online seller of pretty much anything. It’s up there with eBay in terms of popularity, partly because of the ease of use. It’s simple to navigate, quick to search for items on, and easy to sort results according to price so buyers can get the best deal available. Just like Ebay, you can offer coupons and discount codes for customers to potential customers. The good thing about promotional codes is, bloggers and people in general share them around and this increases chances of your items to get sold quicker.



What better way to get the customers you want than by advertising your unwanted items to your friends? It’s easy, free and effective, as your friends can share your advertisements with their friends and spread the word. You don’t even need to have an official ad to do this. You can simply update your status with details and the rest is done for you. The great thing about Facebook is that because everybody knows everybody, the chances are any potential buyers are going to be local.

There are lots of ways you can advertise and sell your products for free, but if you have to pay for your advertisement, you can cut the cost down and enjoy a larger profit by applying discount codes. These are also useful for making delivery cheaper if the item is large or has to travel a long way.