6 Accessories to Take an Outfit to the Next Level

For the trend-setter who’s always on the go

Fast fashion has set a high standard for outfit coordination for those who are fashion obsessed. Stores like Zara and H&M have revolutionized the manner in which we purchase clothing, with fully stocked stores rotating merchandise in the door and out the door after only a few weeks. Millenials now more than ever are feeding into this fast fashion cycle as impulse shoppers. With millions of Instagram posts living online including the hashtag #ootd (outfit of the day), standing out among the crowd isn’t easy. Jewelry, fun shades and a cute bag are the go-to ways to upgrade your outfit, but they can end up being pricy and don’t always do the trick setting yourself apart. There are a number of other accessories that may not always be top of mind when curating your next Sunday brunch, wine tasting or date night outfit. Here are some ways to incorporate affordable and trendy options into your outfits for an outfit transformation:

  1. Give your nails a makeover

We usually don’t think of nails as a way to upgrade our outfit, since acrylic and gel nail polishes offer a lasting nail expression that needs to be versatile to match different looks. Not to mention doing your nails yourself can be painstakingly difficult. With gel manicures checking in from $20-$40 and fancy acrylics skyrocketing from $50 – $100+, affordable polish changes are definitely not the first thing that comes to mind to make an outfit. Fortunately for the fashionistas looking to elevate their OOTD, a quick nail makeover without the damage to your nails is possible with certain nail care brands. Dashing Diva is one brand that solves the struggle of finding a quick and affordable solution to chic nails. The brand’s Magic Press nails give an instant nail transformation that mimics a salon finish without the steep price.

  1. Create a fun braid in minutes

Channel your inner Amber Fillerup with an effortlessly chic braid. Not only are braids and easy way to give your hair a fresh look, but they also mean not frying your hair with a curler or straightener. You can also invest in a great texturizing spray, which adds volume and allows you to pull pieces of hair outwards from the braid and give the illusion of a fuller and thicker braid. The style of braid you go for can depend on the length of your hair, which means the possibilities and combinations can be endless. A great texturizing spray can be found at any Ulta or Sally Beauty.

  1. Pucker up and try a new lip shade

Lipstick might not be the latest revelation, but it’s certainly become a booming area in the makeup industry. From the Kylie Lip Kit, to MACs vast line of lip shades in every color, adding a complementary shade to your lips is the icing on top of an outfit. For a lipstick finish that stays put, try a creamy matte lip paint. The no-teeth smile is in, which means lipstick has taken center stage for selfies. Brighten up a monotonous-colored fit with a different shade on your lips. Your go-to head-to-toe black outfit – why not add a hot pink lipstick?

  1. Add a statement piece like a belt

Just like mom jeans reincarnated into high-wasted shorts, the belt is back in action with modern updates like studs, chunky buckles and vibrant colors. A simple look can get a trendy update with a black leather belt and chunky silver buckle. Belts have been popping up at festivals right and left, sported by fashionistas and influencers who know how to stand out in a crowd.

  1. Top yourself off with a hat

Hats are having a serious moment, that’s for sure. It’s out with the fedoras this year and in with the baseball caps. Baseball caps are no longer just for baseball games or exercising, but have manifested in trendy outfits with funky materials like suede and even leather. Celebs and models like Gigi Hadid are spotted rocking a baseball cap on the regular and looking effortlessly put together. Who knew that throwing on a hat could end up being the latest trend. Not having to fuss with your hair but adding a chic update to your outfit? Count me in.

Get the creative juices flowing

Creativity is key when accessorizing an outfit, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Using basics like t-shirts and your favorite pair of jeans and switching up the look with an affordable accessory like a suede baseball cap with matte finish nails could be just what your outfit needs.