6 Ways to Start Gardening in Small Spaces

Photo by terimakasih0, CC0 1.0

Small spaces can actually be a great excuse to come up with some incredible gardening ideas. Necessity is the mother of all invention and so are the challenges of limited space. Who wouldn’t want a dash of green in their living space?  Most of us do. And gone are the day when gardening was only for those who had all the space and time in the world. Even those most cramped for space and time, these days, seem to be pulling up their sleeves to add a touch of green freshness to their homes and even work spaces.

  1. Vertical Gardening

This is one of the most popular gardening options when it comes to limited space gardening. It is economical in terms of space, money and time. A little bit of planning will go a great way in being able to make a beautiful looking vertical gardening that is worthwhile as well.  Before choosing a vertical planter, it is essential to understand the duration, the amount of space and the temperature conditions in which the plants are going to grow. Also, the amount of sunlight that the plants would should also be considered. This is important as then you will know how often you need to water.

  1. Hang It Up

One of the coolest ways to beautify the room is to hang plants on pot holders. Hanging pots on the balcony or one the patio in interesting manners using unconventional and uncommon containers can give a whole new look to your green space. Cascading plants like certain succulents, flowering vines that are potable etc cam make your indoor spaces quite interesting and vibrant.

  1. Ladder Style / Staircase Style

Aesthetically done ladders or stair case style plant holders can be a great way to keep flowering plants. Take care to buy those that are made with durable material and are also light weight as well. Mounting plants on these step style holders not only saves space but is also a great way to get creative. It is a good opportunity to try innovative ways if arranging containers and plants in the containers as well.

  1. Window Boxes / Railings

 Growing plants in window boxes is not only a smart idea but it is also a pretty sight to see. Window boxes come in all sizes and shapes. To make these window boxes sturdier there are metal frames that are ornamentally done. These boxes are so handy that they can be placed on window sills, on the railings of the balcony or they can be simply stacked up on planter shelves.

Apart from this planting pots and planting pot holders come in different sizes and shapes. They can be fixed to walls near the kitchen balcony or any other balcony. It is also a compact way to grow kitchen herbs and be very handy.

  1. On the Dining Table/ Cozy Nooks and Corner

Bringing the greens inside the house has been in vogue for very long time. However, they were limited to indoor plants in some vacant corner to fill up space and simply to reflect on the person’s passion for flowers. In the recent times as living spaces shrunk, people have widen their scope of traditional choices and started experimenting with more plants types that would be workable for smaller spaces.

The results are very interesting. Now you can even grow some species of vegetables or further even fruit trees. Thanks to the advancement of science there are so many hybrid varieties of plants both (ornamental and fruiting) that now can be done in pots. However, these need to grown in containers of right size. Use good tilling tools like one of the best tillers reviewed at Tiller Advisor to loosen the soil and to check if it is free from unwanted stones or debris. Then move on as the planting instructions read.

  1. Make Your Little Fountain

 Whoever said that fountains are only for larger spaces. Now-a-days there are many options of readily assembled fountains that you can place to add drama to your garden space. The sound of water gurgling in the midst of the lovely little garden will no doubt lighten the heart and brighten the spirit.

When it comes to small gardening spaces, the best thing is, there is really no hard and fast. The choices are all endless and so are the limits. This is one place where you can let your imagination and creativity run wild.