6 ways that never fails to instill motivation in your kids

As a parent, you are always eager to find motivation techniques for your kids that are not unrealistic and at the same time, does not demand too much understanding of the child’s psychology. Find them right here in this blog.

If parents were asked – what is the biggest stepping stone towards making your kid learn? Most of them would answer with lack of motivation to do good things (things that do not involve playing or watching cartoons!).

This lack of motivation is quite obvious too. Unless your kid is naturally inclined towards certain things, he would lack the motivation to do it if it doesn’t excite his senses.  Also, it’s difficult to reason with kids, as they hardly know any difference between good and bad or right and wrong.

As a parent, you are bound to feel helpless and frustrated. You end up venting this frustration on your kids at times and instantly regret. This can hamper your relationship with them and affect their mental health too.

Save yourself from regret and endless efforts that go into waste. Here are 6 ways that never fails to instill motivation in your kids.

1. Don’t use greed as motivation

This is a big NO. When you use greed as a way to motivate your kid, you are not even motivating your kid in reality. On the other hand, you are just getting things done.

From a child’s viewpoint – he sees the reward as his main objective and sees the task as a hurdle. So, in trying to motivate him to do a thing, you ended up relating a negative emotion for the task. Moreover, greed would always make him do the task in hurry and he would develop a habit to do that task only if a reward is involved.

There are right ways to reward your kid that you should know about.

2. Helping your kid understand the pros and cons

As a parent, you definitely want your kid to understand what’s good for him on his own. You would not want them to get confused every time they have to make a choice.

We tend to use fear to make them understand cons and greed to make them understand pros. We need to follow a bit more mature approach. For cons, we can help them understand how their decision can end up harming them and for pros, we can help them understand how their decision can help them stay safe.

For instance, let’s consider the habit of studying. You shouldn’t use the greed of treats or the fear of scolding to make them study. Instead, tell them how studying would help them become successful in life and enjoy it. Also, make them understand how not studying would put them in trouble.

You can use this to get your kid into habits like studying, bathing, waking and sleeping early, and to follow a schedule.

3. Appreciate them for their efforts

In the second point, we dealt with regular habits. Now, let’s understand how to motivate kids for doing good deeds. Things like helping the elderly, maintaining cleanliness, being kind towards animals etc.

Again, don’t use rewards to instill motivation. Instead, use appreciation. Yes, there’s a difference between the two. Reward follows a task-oriented approach whereas appreciation helps your kid understand that they did something right.

One of the best ways to appreciate your kids for their efforts is through enamel lapel pins. You can get custom lapel pins designed for activities like elderly help, cleanliness, animal lover etc. When you see your kid helping an elderly or showing kindness towards an animal, you can appreciate their act with a badge!

4.    Be an inspiration

To put it simply – kids learn by imitating their parents. The scope of your kid’s world is very limited. It mostly starts and ends at you. Therefore, they are going to observe you in order to understand the world. It is rightly said that for a child, parents mean the world to him!

A child doesn’t understand inspiration but you surely do. So never miss out an opportunity to be one for your kid. Do you want your child to wake up early? Wake up early yourself. Do you want your child to bathe daily? Bathe daily yourself. Do you want your kid to eat green veggies? Well, you have got the answer by now.

Basically, you should do whatever you want your kid to do.

5. Help them learn from their mistake

The biggest enemy of motivation is failure. When you motivate your kid into something and he fails, he can end up losing complete motivation to do that thing again.

Does that mean you should not let your kid fail? No. Instead, help them learn from their failures. Guide them where they went wrong and how trying again with more concentration can help them succeed.

Don’t prevent them from falling. Instead, be there to help them stand again.

6. Try your best to create a stress-free environment

Most parents try to prevent their kids from failing. However, they should actually be focusing on creating a stress-free environment for their kids. Stress is more harmful than failing.

Make sure your kids don’t procrastinate things like homework, bathing, and other activities, which they would have to do in a hurry otherwise. Make sure you take out enough time to teach your kid so that you don’t teach in a hurry and therefore, create a stressful environment.

Scolding and instilling fear also creates stress in your kid’s mind.

A final word of advice

Motivation should be naturally instilled in a child. It should never be forced. The process of instilling motivation naturally is time-consuming but unfailingly beneficial as well.

It requires a lot of patience to instill motivation in your kid. This would require your 100% dedication. All the best parent!