The Right Time of The Year to Carry Out Window Replacement

When Is the Right Time to Do Window Replacement?

Congratulations on deciding to do window replacement and have new windows for your home. That was an intelligent decision that will be so beneficial to your home. Now you have completed your research, and you have even chosen the window styles that you want to install.

But there is one thing you haven’t yet thought about? The right time to carry out your window replacement project. It may not seem like a big thing, but the success of your project is partly depended on the time of the year you choose to install your windows. You may either decide to replace your windows during the summer or winter months. Let’s dig deep and know more about each type of installation.

Cold Weather Installation.

The main stumbling block to doing window replacement in cold weather is high heating expenses needed during the entire process. However, there are some steps you can take to minimise these costs, such as using floor-ceiling plastic to minimise the cold air that gets in your home. You can also consider closing as many entries as possible during the process.

The cold also affects the quality and application of sealants. For instance, silicone sealant holds well if the weather is cool, but you will also need to warm it up before putting it on your windows Toronto.

Similarly, vinyl expands in warm weather and contracts when it gets cold. Here you will need an expert who knows vinyl contraction rates so he can minimise cracking when the weather becomes warm.

If the winters are so cold and snowy, it is advisable to wait until there is a dry spell since applying adhesive on wet service will not hold. Cold weather also drags the work and may take longer to complete.

However, there is a positive side of replacing your windows during the cold weather. The window materials and also labour is cheap, and that reduces the entire cost of window replacement. If you choose to replace your windows during the spring when many people are doing the same, the price is usually higher due to the low availability of window materials. There is also a high demand for labour, and that makes labour costs to go higher.

However, you can buy the windows during the winter and wait to install them in spring. However, if you decide to go that route, make sure you have a storage space, otherwise if you have to rent a storage space, that option might not be economically viable.

Warm Weather Installation.

Doing window installation during the winter is less expensive, but what if you don’t want to work in the cold? That is why many homeowners opt for warm weather window installation:


This is the time of the year when people replace their windows Toronto. At this time, the weather is warm, and it has long days with bright sun.

And because most people are replacing their windows during this time, the contractors are very busy. So, you may need to schedule with them in advance to get your project done at the right time.

If you replace your windows during this time, you do away with the need to use plastic sheeting and keep the entries of your home open during the whole process. So springtime replacements of your window will not affect your energy bill significantly.


If you were busy during the spring and you couldn’t replace your windows Toronto, you could possibly do it during the summer. However, there are some things you should know if you choose to replace your windows during this time

There are weather swings during the summer season. Things such as rainstorms can delay your project. As such, pick the best days where the weather is dry.

There are also concerns about caulking. But if you are working with a professional, he will use the right tools to ensure quality caulking.

Just as installing windows in cold weather causes heating bills to go high, so does during the summer for cooling bills.