7 Beach Activities Women Will Enjoy, aside from Getting that tan

Whether you are dreaming of those balmy days of summer, or whether summer is finally here, there are almost limitless ways to enjoy yourself at the beach. What’s stopping you?

Parasailing in a tropical paradise

Are you afraid of heights? Join the thousands of people who have achieved their dream of flying. Many have believed parasailing was beyond their abilities, and many have been wrong. You simply are lifted slowly and gently from a boat. If you are able to sit, you are able to parasail. You will fly up to 500 feet up in the air, enjoying panoramic views of your vacation destination. Many vacation spots offer parasailing as one of their opportunities, including the private islands of cruise lines, various tropical island resorts, and various United States beaches and resorts. You can fly! Don’t miss this once in a lifetime experience.

Swim with the dolphins

Have you fantasized about what it would be like to swim with these gentle, intelligent creatures? Might you be headed for Mexico? Sign up for a Swim with the Dolphins session, available at various Mexican resorts. Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Playa de Maya and more are renowned for their dolphin sea adventures. Just imagine what it might be like to be in sparkling waters, with brilliant blue skies above, floating and splashing alongside these magnificent creatures. What are you waiting for? Swim with the dolphins!

Beach Volleyball

If you haven’t played volleyball for years, you are not alone. Fortunately, it is all about the fun and not about being the best. Just jump in there and start playing! You will have tons of inexpensive fun, and will make wonderful summer memories.

Sailing in a crystal sea

Do you think your lack of experience prevents you from sailing? You know that you can set sail from beaches all over the world: Florida, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean. Did you know that there are almost as many beaches and resorts that offer sailing lessons, or sailing with an expert? Think of the freedom of gliding over the blue waters in a sailboat, being carried along with the wind. With guidance, this could be you. If the thought of sailing appeals to you, don’t let this pass you by!


Unlike scuba diving, you don’t really need experience to snorkel. Many islands, beaches, resorts, even boating adventures will rent snorkel equipment for you to enjoy viewing the majesty of the sea floor. It is easy, safe, and very enjoyable. For more ideas for beach fun like snorkeling, see https://seasideplanet.com

Sea Caving

There is a Spanish Island, named Majorca, which is renowned for its sea caves. Imagine swimming underground, exploring caves with their incredible natural formations, in the warm Mediterranean sea. If you are tempted but feel it is beyond your skill, note that there are highly skilled guides that take you through the entire experience. If you can swim, and love nature, what is stopping you from Sea Caving?


If you enjoy extreme sports, then numerous vacation spots offer flyboarding. Picture yourself water skiing, except for a board. The board is attached to a hose, and is powered by a jet stream of water. With the power of this jet stream, you can fly into the air, dive into the water, and perform flips, spins, whatever you are inspired to do. It is all powered by water, and your imagination.

Jet Skiing

Do you want even more water action? Rent a Jet Ski at your favorite beach, and speed over the waters in your own personal craft. Picture yourself, simply rocketing over the water, leaving a wake of water behind as the signature of your freedom and speed. Are you hesitant because you don’t know how? You can get instruction before you go out on your own. Soon you will be jet skiing with the best of them.

Enjoy your Beach

Read It is summer! The long, lazy, hot days you have longed for being here. One of the best ways to enjoy the summer is at the beach, toes in the warm sand, in a comfortable beach chair or beach towel. Don’t forget your beach read, to relax and enjoy those long, golden days. Are you concerned about sunburn? Grab a large beach umbrella, a sun guard shirt and board shorts, and don’t let fair skin keep you from the beach!


What’s holding back the activities you can do in the beach industry? No matter what your inclination, there is something for you at the beach. No matter what your limitation, there is a way around it. There are as many ways to have fun at the beach as you are able to imagine. Go for it! And have fun.