7 Dating Tips That You Need In Your Life Right Now

A lot of people are content with being single, free to do whatever they feel like doing. But a more natural inclination is the need to be part of ‘an item.’ If you are finding it difficult to hold down a relationship despite getting acquainted with what seemed like compatible individuals on your favorite online dating site, it could be the case you’re just not doing it right. But flaws can be easily remedied. Here are seven dating tips you should take on-board.

Don’t fixate on bars

When many singles are thinking about somewhere to look for potential partners, they will inevitably consider pubs. There is nothing wrong with that, but fixating on one particular venue means you are ignoring the fact there are many candidates who never set foot in them. Always gauge your invite according to your date’s interests.

Think outside the box

Many of the most successful relationships have started in random places, such as supermarkets, bowling hours, or social club nights out. That list is actually pretty endless! When you are arranging a date in an online situation, it would also benefit you to dwell on places to go offline other than noisy pubs or nightclubs. Think of hobby-related activities or quirkier destinations.

Online dating

There are so many dating sites to choose from these days. But this is not always a good thing when it comes to matchmaking. You may well be spoiled for choice but a degree of discernment is still necessary. Before signing up to one particular site it would pay to play close attention to the services they offer and the type of dating they are geared towards. Do they focus on one-nighters or relationships?


Have you ever been in the situation where a friend has offered to do the matchmaking for you? This isn’t a situation that should be dismissed out of hand as having a third party do the arranging is no bad thing. They are hardly likely to set you up with someone completely incompatible, so already your potential partner has been vetted. Friends also have a very good idea of your personal tastes and this will be reflected in their choice.

No friend zone

Before dismissing dating friends out of hand, it would be well worth considering the benefits. It is certainly possible to be sexually attracted to a close friend, no matter how platonic your relationship. The advantage of this type of date is you already know so much about the candidate. This is someone you already trust implicitly and they will never play games or muck you around. Even if it doesn’t work out, if your friendship is strong enough it will survive long after the relationship has floundered.

Trust your gut instinct

Your opinions about someone can evolve, but there is nothing like the instant impression you get when you embark on a date. It takes a very short time for most people to form opinions so make sure you are paying close attention to what your date looks like and how they come across.

Be confident

There are preconceptions about playing it cool in dating scenarios. But the reverse is actually to be recommended. If you display a degree of assertiveness you will be much more likely to make a strong impression.