7 Secrets of Successful Online Dating

In the era of the Internet, when the online world has expanded colossally, it was just a matter of time when dating and other human relationships find its place online. High mobility has made its job and now some people (quite a lot of them, obviously) just don’t have enough time to have real dates (while a part of them feel anxious about real meetings). Nonetheless, it’s not that easy to date online. Yes, you do have numerous opportunities to meet people online, yet it does not mean it will end up being a success. With the help of our cheerful friends from Russian dating site Mariya Dates, we have gathered seven secrets of successful online dating just for you! Go on reading.


  1. Choose proper services. In the late 90s, you would only find several dating sites that actually worked and allowed you to communicate with people. In the modern Internet, we have a great variety of dating services devoted to different purposes (and they state their aims quite clear). So if you look for dating and marriage, don’t focus your attention on hookup sites, and vice versa.
  2. Your profile is your online “face”. It’s exceedingly important to fill out your profile page in an appropriate way. Most sites and applications allow you to include as much crucial information as you want. Bear in mind that including your purposes of using dating services is important. You will save a lot of time – instead of eventually finding out that your aims don’t match, you will know it from the very beginning and, therefore, avoid useless conversations. The point is – people on the Internet don’t know anything about you aside from what you post on your profile page!
  3. Upload a nice photo. Another potential issue is photos. It’s really funny to see users uploading comic pictures, flowers, animals or any other kind of random stuff instead of actual photographs. What is the point of meeting people online if you are afraid of showing your physical appearance? Your photo should contain your face without sunglasses. You may also upload photos that depict your body (not naked!) and any other peculiarities. Stick to high-quality photographs. Low-resolution images often indicate scammers.
  4. Don’t lie. Just don’t. Once again, what’s the point? If you are going to meet in reality, why do you lie about your appearance, aims or anything else? Likewise, people are a bit smarter than you think. Online dating has been a thing for quite a while by now, so your doubtful behavior will be noticeable.
  5. Be polite and respectful. Online communication, without doubts, is somewhat different from real-world conversations. Your interlocutors are not able to see your facial expressions and, consequently, cannot evaluate the sincerity of your reactions, which means that decency and politeness become your best friends. Talk delightfully, watch your grammar, avoid questionable topics and extravagant phrases.
  6. Be careful with sex-related topics. Online dating is partially focused on casual sex acquaintances. The number of applications and sites entirely devoted to casual sex meetings is huge. However, if you are trying to meet someone decent for dating and marriage, you shouldn’t better talk about sex and, in general, avoid mentioning this topic.
  7. Keep away from frauds. Unfortunately, Internet acquaintances can be quite dangerous. Look cautiously at profile pages of people you communicate with – lots of gaps, low-quality photos, pieces of information that do not match indicate scammers. Don’t provide anyone with your bank details or contact information. Online dating can now and then be a Russian roulette.