7 Tips for Sending Clients Christmas Gifts

Even though the gift-giving season is over, it is never too early to start thinking what to give next Christmas, especially if you’re planning the company’s budget for the rest of the year.

Several gifts can catch your clients’ attention without spending too much money. Here are seven tips for sending gifts to clients.

Give Gift Subscriptions

Instead of sending one gift during a season when your clients are going to be overwhelmed with gifts, send them a gift subscription. Instead of being one of the many sending gifts during Christmas, they will be reminded of you every month.

There are flowers, candy, beauty products, wine, and sock subscriptions you can consider for either individual clients or businesses. Consider what you know about your client to select the best gift subscription.

Send Gifts Early

Your clients will be courted all month long in December, so consider sending your gifts early. Getting a Christmas gift in late November can get clients excited for the holidays and make an impression on them.

If you send a custom Hampers with Bite Christmas gift, your clients can enjoy the wine, beer, chocolate, or snacks right away.

Avoid Branded Gifts

While your first thought may be to save money by sending pens, calendars, or shirts with your company’s logo on them, don’t. Those gifts show you didn’t put much thought into them and they are something clients will put in their desk drawer and forget about.

Instead, try sending something unexpected. Consider your client’s hobbies or something they like doing. If you know they like art, send tickets to an exhibition at a local art gallery or a museum.

It will show how much you know them, which will make more of an impression than an impersonal gift.

Hand Deliver Gifts

If your clients are within your area, take time to hand deliver their gifts. They will be getting most of their gifts through mail, so hand delivering them will be memorable. It will also give you a chance to meet new people at their company and allow them to put a face to your name.

Send Local Products

Instead of sending gifts from large corporations, send them a gift made by a local company in your area. Some of the gifts may be unique, such as regional foods or drinks, and it allows you to share some of the area’s culture with them. It will also show your support for local companies.

Include a Handwritten Note

Take the time to send a handwritten note with each gift. It is a nice way to say thank you for their cooperation and wish them a prosperous new year.

Handwritten notes are a rarity, and they may be something your clients remember when purchasing the type of products produced or sold by your company.

Spread the Cheer

Don’t just send gifts to corporate headquarters but send them to their branch or satellite locations as well. Giving gifts to departments that don’t usually receive them will be remembered by your clients. It shows your generosity, and knowledge of their entire operation.

By paying attention to detail and sending your clients something memorable, you will surely stand out from the crowd and maybe even do more business with them.