7 Types Of Jewellery Metals to Know About

Jewellery and accessories are known to add style to a person’s personality. There are many types of jewellery pieces that you can wear including rings, necklaces, bracelets and more.

Whether you’re fond of jewelleries or not, there comes a time when you need to update your jewellery inventory list. To make sure that you invest your money in the right jewellery, getting to know about different metals they are composed of is essential.

You should also remember that jewelry is an investment that can give you good returns. Precious metals like gold are increasing in demand, which means you may actually be able to sell your jewelry tomorrow at a higher rate.

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The most common types of metals used to craft jewellery pieces are:

When it comes to buying jewelry, you need to be educated about them so that you don’t end up wasting your money in a jeweler you don’t adore.

Here are 3 common jeweler metals to know about:


The best thing about jewelleries made from platinum is that they are the strongest and don’t break easily. They sure are expensive but for all the right reasons.

Platinum is the densest material when compared to the other two materials namely gold and silver. Moreover, the amount required to complete a jewellery piece from platinum is much more than any other. Hence, the high price.

People who love to wear heavy jewellery should invest in platinum because that way they can stay sure that their money is invested in the right thing as it won’t get damaged quickly.


One of the most used jewellery materials around the world is gold. This material is the softest compared to platinum and silver. Now, it may not be as durable as platinum and may break easily but it looks more alluring and eye catchy than platinum jewellery.

Gold is a shiny material that blends well with any skin tone which is why it is more preferred by many people. Surprisingly, gold is more expensive than platinum.

It should also be noted that gold requires more maintenance because it is prone to discoloration, if left idle.


Silver is perfect for people who have budgeted related issues as it is more affordable than gold and platinum. . There are countless silver jewellery options that you can go for as it is heavily in demand and also looks very attractive.

Comparing the Prices

Weighing different options can help stay on the financial lane. Here’s the price of all the three jewellery types:

  • Platinum: The price of platinum per ounce is $915.
  • Gold: $1275.00 per ounce is the rate at which gold is being sold. However, the amount of gold jewellery largely depends upon the type of gold (in carats) you choose. There’s also white gold which is much cheaper but it’s not preferred by many.
  • Silver: Since it is lightest material used to make jewellery, it is the least expensive. It costs $17 per ounce.

According to prices, gold is the most costly but since platinum is denser; it is required in more amount. Hence, platinum jewelleries are more expensive than gold.

P.S: Prices change on a daily basis, so keep an eye the charts.

Know Where to Buy From

You should be very careful when you purchase jewelry as it is common for people to sell poor quality materials or fake products.

Always purchase jewelry from a trusted seller, and ask for originality certificates, if possible. Also, make sure to get an invoice so that you have a proof of purchase as it may be needed if you decide to do away with the jewelry in the future.


When it comes to buying jewellery, you should choose wisely because it is your hard earned money that is at stake.