8 Essential Tips for Planning Your Wedding Gifts 2019

Selecting the dress, the venue, and the band may well be the decisions that are considered as the “big three” when it comes to wedding planning, but planning the gifts is also very important. There are also a few aspects to consider – both the gifts you are to receive from your guests, and the gifts that you will give to groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Sometimes, asking for wedding gifts can feel awkward but it shouldn’t. Your friends and family will be happy to celebrate your wedding day and will want to help you and your partner prepare for your new life. Besides, their time will come sooner or later as well! This article will assess the most important considerations for planning wedding gifts in 2019.

Show Your Appreciation for Those in Your Wedding

It’s a very nice custom to ensure that you buy a gift for your groomsmen and bridesmaids.

These people have likely shown a lot of support throughout the entire wedding planning process and play major roles in making sure that everything goes smoothly on the big day. Gifts for those participating in your wedding can be thoughtful and useful without breaking the bank. Personalized wallets and purses, cases of wine, or gift certificates are all nice ways to say thank you.

Write a Wedding Gift List

The most efficient way of managing your wedding gifts is to write a list. Since most couples today actually cohabitate before getting married, the tradition of registering at department stores is now outdated. Instead, consider setting up an online wedding gift list or an editable shared google spreadsheet with all of the gifts that you hope for.

Why create a digital list? This way, guests can see what items have already been purchased as gifts so as to avoid any possibility of duplicates. 

Consider Cash Gift or Honeymoon Websites

Sometimes, as much as we love opening gifts, they are just not necessarily the most convenient or practical option. This is where cash gift websites come in. In a similar vein to the “Go Fund Me” pages that you see for charitable causes, cash gift websites enable people to simply gift a cash sum to the happy couple.

In instances where the bride and groom are saving up for kitchen renovations, a dream vacation, or a similar high cost purchase or event, this is a nice alternative to a gift list. It may seem a little less personal but at the end of the day, it’s better for your guests to know that they have provided you with something useful, rather than a gift that is just going to collect dust.

Browse Wedding List Templates

If you are drawing up a blank when it comes to deciphering what on earth to put on your wedding gift list then fear not, there are plenty of resources available on the internet to assist you! You can easily find template wedding gift lists online. These range from tried and tested lists that people have used at their weddings recently, to lists that showcase the hottest items for 2019.

Consider Consulting a Personal Shopper

More and more people are starting to consult the expertise of a Personal Shopper when they are overwhelmed about their wedding gift lists. This may well be appropriate if your wedding and guest list sits at the more high end of the spectrum. By outsourcing this process, you will be able to concentrate on planning other aspects of your wedding while your Personal Shopper creates a bespoke list that is perfectly suited for you and your beau. Some wedding planners include this as part of their packages.

Accommodate to Different Budgets

It is likely that your wedding guests all come from different socioeconomic backgrounds. While to one person, spending $60 on a toastie maker may seem like nothing, to another that might be money that they simply do not have to spare. Be sure to feature gifts on your list that you will want and appreciate that do not break the bank. For example, new coaster sets that cost less than $10, etc. This way, your guests feel happy that they are helping and don’t feel uncomfortable about financial matters.

Consider Keeping it Anonymous

The aforementioned shared google spreadsheet is a useful way to create a list that everyone can access and keep track of it all but consider keeping this anonymous. Obviously, your guests can sign the gift cards to you so that you know who bought what, but where the spreadsheet is concerned then consider not naming names. Things can verge into awkward “keeping up with the Jones’” territory if your guests are browsing through the list seeing who bought what and who spent the most.

Be Kind in Your Gift Messages

When you send out your wedding invitations, you should also include an insert that notifies guests about your wedding gift lists and where to find them. Pay careful consideration to the wording used here. Afterall, you don’t want to come across as rudely demanding that guests bring you things! Something along the lines of “Any contributions, regardless of how small”.

By considering the above points, planning your wedding gifts in 2019 should be an enjoyable and stress-free process!