A Selection of Movies for a Romantic Date

If someone asks you to describe your variant of a cool romantic date, what would you say? It can be dinner in a posh restaurant, a visit to an amusement park, or a comfy date at home when you are eating pizza and watching some great rom coms. And considering the current situation in the whole world, a home night date doesn’t seem a bad option. In fact, love gets new shades and fulfillment in various films since everything depends on the directors and the very mix of feelings they want to endow their movies with. Thus, love can be exciting, intriguing, dramatic, or all-consuming. So, if you want to add some colors to a romantic date with your partner, you can try snapsext or just choose the most suitable film.

Love and Other Drugs

The key idea of this movie is ​​how important it is to find yourself and, at the same time, look at the world through the eyes of another person. The main hero was fired from a store after a completely non-business relationship with a colleague. His brother suggests him to start distributing drugs. After completing the courses, he has to work with doctors and promote his product to their patients.

One day he runs into a charming girl who has come to the doctor because of depression, but it is not her main issue. The main heroine suffers from the initial stage of Parkinson’s disease. The main characters start an open relationship. However, over time, the man realizes that the girl strives for true love. But can this feeling overcome the disease? And most importantly: can a person with such a disease open up to others?

No Reservations

A romantic date cannot do without a delicious dinner, so you have a double reason to watch this movie since the very plot is about the restaurant and the people who devote their lives to cooking. For example, the main heroine can get so involved in cooking that it seems the world stops spinning for her. The circumstances force her to become the guardian of her orphaned niece. And it’s not surprising that this moment changes her life dramatically. Another main character is her sous-chef. He is self-confident, cocky, and is going to compete with her for culinary leadership. However, the rivalry results in a love story. The heroes face a challenge since they have to learn to control their emotions, find harmony, and be happy together. This picture is a great choice for a pleasant evening in the company of a loved one. It leaves a truly bright impression, as well as a desire to try your hand at cooking.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Even if you haven’t watched this British cult film, the chances are high that you’ve heard of it at least. It is about an unmarried 32-year-old woman who suffers from complexes and sees many obstacles to building a happy relationship.

On Christmas Day, her mother introduces her to a divorced man, but chemistry doesn’t arise between them. On the contrary, they feel strong antipathy. As you know, people like to give themselves New Year’s promises, so the woman firmly decides to change for the better and find a worthy life partner. So, she starts a diary to record all her successes. The film does not provide a strategy for building lasting relationships, but it teaches us how to love oneself.

Kiss at Pine Lake

Have you ever noticed that a meeting with your old love can turn the usual life upside down? Images of the past can still live in the head and, most importantly, in the heart. The main characters have to survive such a meeting. It has been 15 years since they met at the lake at school camp. Being teenagers, they could not say love words to each other, and now they have a second chance. However, the circumstances have changed dramatically, and the heroes have changed as well. The man runs the camp, becoming a businessman. And she works for a large company and intends to buy out the picturesque land.

The heroes have exclusively business relations. Or wait, maybe they have not just business ones? Together, they can save a spot that reminds them of their most reverent teenage years. This film is childishly simple and, at the same time, very deep. What would you do if you were the characters?

The Taming of the Scoundrel

When it comes to love and passion, the Italians can act as experts. And some people believe that movies with Adriano Celentano are masterpieces by default. The charisma of the Italian turns any film into an extravaganza. And this very movie is on the list of the most favorite ones and still wins the hearts of moviegoers worldwide.

The rude 40-year-old farmer doesn’t like women for some reason, so he prefers to stay a convinced bachelor and a very caring owner of his property at the same time. Once a beautiful girl’s car breaks down near the farm when she drives it by, so she decides to ask the farm’s owner for help. His rude character becomes magnetic for her, and his unsociability is very intriguing, so she tries to tame the bachelor. In the end, the beauty manages to win him over.

The recipe for a high-quality romcom includes such ingredients as extraordinary jokes, the actors’ skills, and Italian provincial life’s charm.