Aphrodisiac Foods to Increase your Sexual Appetite

The first thing that comes to your mind is ‘Can few food really act as aphrodisiac’ ? Earlier I was extremely skeptical about this notion, but unable to ignore my curiosity, I set upon the task of searching more on this idea. Because if you want to accept it or not, we won’t mind if we do get solution of increasing our sex drive, even if it is in the form of food. And it is known now that some food really do stimulate sexual desires in our body. So forget Viagra, boost your libido the easier and healthy way!

Aphrodisiac Foods just for you! :Aphrodisiac Foods

  • Celery- If somebody mentions that celery boosts your libido, you start thinking ‘Seriously? Something as simple as celery can induce desires in someone’? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”  It is a great source of stimulator which boosts your sexual appetite because it comprises of ‘androsterone’ which can be defined as an odorless aphrodisiac released through male perspiration which turns on women.
  • Oysters- Oysters are splendid desire booster as they are long known to be “Love drugs”. There must be a reason that both Casanova and Cleopatra favored oysters which was one of their most favorite delicacy. Research says that oysters are high in zinc content which is essential for testosterone production, and hence for the production of a healthy sperm. It also contains dopamine, a hormone which increases the libido in both men and women.
  • Watermelon- Watermelon is now being called the new Viagra because it is known to induce Viagra-type effects on the blood vessels and which in turn may raise your libido up few notches! It comprises of Citruline which helps relax blood vessels and which in turn increase sex appetite.
  • Honey- Newlyweds have been drinking honey since ages, but the reason why is clear now! They used to drink ‘Mead’, which is fermented honey, and research says that honey is rich in boron which metabolize estrogen, and increase the testosterone levels in the blood of men.
  • Bananas- Bananas are rich in Bromelain, an enzyme which increases the libido in both men and women, apart from reversing impotency in men. They are also rich in potassium and vitamin B which increases the energy levels in a human body.
  • Almonds- It is already known that almonds and similar nuts are a source of fatty acids. Fatty acids provide raw materials required to increase the hormone production in a male’s body. Also, smell of almonds tend to arouse desire in women. So the next time you try to create a mood for your woman, feed her almonds (a little), to arouse her and increase the energy levels.
  • Chocolate- Chocolate is made from cocoa beans. A study shows that unprocessed cocoa beans are a rich source of antioxidants and a chemical called phenylethlamine, which acts as an aphrodisiac and arouses a person immensely.
  • Avocados- Avocado was earlier called by the Aztecs as ‘Testicle tree’ because they contained huge quantities of folic acid which increases the level of energy in the body by metabolizing protein. It also comprises of potassium which helps in regulating the thyroid gland in women, as well as a vitamin called B6 which increases the hormone production in male.
  • Asparagus- Apart from being served as a delicacy all around the world, asparagus is rich in Vitamin E, the vitamin which is essential for sexual health and hence dubbed by most of the doctors as ‘vitamin inducing sexual desires’.
  • Maca- It is a Peruvian oldie, grown in Peru, a root believed to passed down generations after generations by the Inca. It is well known in Peru as the natural Viagra because it enhances the sexual appetite by increasing strength, energy level in the body, libido and fertility.
  • Pumpkin Seeds- Apart from being rich in Vitamins such as B, C, D, K and E, pumpkins are loaded with minerals like zinc, calcium and potassium, which as mentioned earlier, are essential in maintaining the fertility of a man by enhancing the production of sperm and thus preventing impotency.
  • Chilies- Do you know what gives chilies its “hot” aspect? It’s a chemical called ‘Capsaicin’ which stimulates us, and is believed triggers the release of endorphins, which makes us feel high and gives double boost to our libido!
  • Garlic- Holistic doctors call it a ‘hot herb’ becauseit contains a compound called allicin which increases the flow of blood to the sexual organs. Make sure to use a mint, after putting this theory to test for good results!
  • Figs- Figs are a synonym for “fertility” in many culture due to its resemblance to a female sex organ. Thus it has been termed as a sensual food and has been revered by the Greeks for centuries.
  • Goji berries- Goji berry comes to optimum use usually in Asia, where it can be used in the form of a tonic as well. It is said to be a strong sexual aphrodisiac which increases the testosterone level in men, and results in pumping the libido of both men and women by increasing the stamina and overall energy in the body.
  • Shilajeet- It is a herb found in India which exhibits enormous aphrodisiac qualities, helps in increasing the sexual drive as it enhances the stamina in the body and is even good for reproductive health of a man.
  • Ashwagandha- Another herb which is useful in pumping up libido in both men and women. It also helps in curing sterility in women.
  • Strawberries- Craving for some romance but not getting into the romantic mode? Have strawberries because they are said to increase romantic cravings. Considered the symbol of Love and Romance in Rome, what better way to initiate romance than by feeding chocolate dipped strawberries to your spouse!

So if you want to boost your libido without consorting to taking medicines and pills, but rather in a healthier way, I suggest you stock your pantry with the above mentioned items to keep yourself and your partner in an eternal sexual bliss!