Which app will be the next Amazon? Six innovative shopping apps reviewed.

Whenever anyone thinks of “success” the mega-brand, Amazon should come to mind. Last year, Amazon net worth hit more than $29 billion.The free Amazon app gives you access to the largest Internet shop on the planet. But with new apps cropping up every minute, there are always retail challengers potentially nipping at the heels of Amazon. We’ve reviewed six of the coolest, most innovative apps that, if they catch on, will have great potential to compete with Amazon over the next few years.

Let’s take a look.

  1. Spring

Spring is a hot digital shopping destination that sprang from the center of the fashion-savvy Big Apple. The website offers more than 1,500 trendy brands all in one place. All the big names are here, from Adidas, Coach, and the Banana Republic, to Michael Kors, Tahari, and Urban Outfitters. This site doesn’t have a single pair of Mom jeans; just high chic high fashion. It’s not a cheap kind of Walmart website; consumers will pay for the names they covet. But Spring does offer free shipping and returns.

This app is like going to a very high-end mall. Check out editor’s picks for some of the best deals and most cutting edge designers. Shop by gender, for kids, or lifestyle. If you favor Clinique cosmetics or The Citizenry goods for the home — Spring has it.

There are some unusual brands on here, such as Ezekiel, which has been known for a few years as surfer and skater cool-wear. Free People could be described as hippie wear; but contrast that to Arzee New York, which is very urban. Or Kendall + Kylie’s for women, which is more affordable but looks just as high end. Yes, Spring has all that too.

The point is that Spring is as hot as a summer’s day. It has real potential as an innovative app that could certainly give Amazon a run for its money.

  1. The Hunt

The Hunt is a combination of a treasure hunt and an old-school Magic 8 Ball. It works when snap a picture of an item and post it on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr — or anywhere else in the cloud. It could be a pair of vintage shorts, a book, a t-shirt, or anything, really.You can ask for advice, like, “Should I wear this?” or ask the community if they know where to find an item. The users get to work, providing you with what is hopefully useful information on where to track down the product or answering questions, sharing knowledge, and giving advice.

The Hunt lets users rely on the shopping skills of the entire community, instead of placing the burden strictly on the individual user to find the answer or product.It’s potentially a big time saver. Users can watch what’s trending, and get notifications when something they’ve been following has been found.

The Hunt is a big time saver, say if a dress popped up on Instagram, but it simply can’t be found. The Hunt lets the wisdom of the crowd prevail so that the treasure can be recovered — usually within 24 hours!

The app lets people follow channels, like Hipster, Boho (Bohemian), or perhaps, if leather is what a person is into — The Hunt has it. The Hunt app is free for Apple or Android.

  1. Dealspotr

Dealspotr is another app that’s been shooting toward the Amazon stratosphere. Dealspotr is another crowdsourcing app that lets users join in and share coupons and deals. Dealspotr takes the time out of shopping for great deals; just login and search for the product before buying. The app has saved consumers more than $15 million since it launched in 2015; chances are the next user will find great deals, too.

Dealspotr is a lot like having a really savvy extreme couponer as a BFF. The community of users on this site pools their collective deal wisdom, sharing savings in the form of coupon codes with a like-minded group of shoppers. There is really nothing like it on the Internet today.

Anyone that has spent hours looking for online coupons only to discover they’re expired will love this app. The site says, “Our members are deal hunters, couponers, frugal lifestyle bloggers, and shoppers just like you.” Together, this is a community of smart and frugal consumers who have banded together in one powerful site to pass the savings onto other consumers.

  1. Like to Know It

This app is for anyone who has ever spotted a pair of shoes on Instagram that they had to have. Not sure where to buy it? Users usually end up trolling the Instagramer trying to find out where to buy the shoes, or spending time just searching the web. Now there’s an app that lets users tap those shoes — and buy them on the spot.

The Like to Know It app works when you take screenshots of influencer pics on Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat. Then this smart little app will let users actually shop for the brands that are seen in the picture. Like to Know It is sort of like Pinterest, where users digitally bulletin board their favorite images. But Like to Know It is also like Amazon; users can buy the brands they see their influencers wearing or using. It literally lets users shop their screenshots.

Look out, Amazon, behind the scenes, Like to Know It is a true app to watch for 2018. Owned by RewardStyle, the app made the 2017 Top 50 Retail list and has a valuation of $290 million.

  1. StockX

StockX is one of the most innovative apps on the market today. Speak of the stock market, that’s exactly what this is; a live bid website/app that lets users buy and sell high demand limited-edition sneakers. It lets users track how sales of a particular shoe are trending, and then bid on large lots of shoes based upon how the market is going — just like a Wall Street trader does. Think this is a foolish app? Consider that the global footwear market was worth more than 215 million in 2016.

Still think buying and reselling large lots of high-quality tennis shoes is silly?

StockX is the go-between for buyers striving to make certain they don’t purchase knock off brands, and sellers trying to offload product. Given that some people collect tennis shoes like fine wines, the authentication process is an important part of the backend appeal of StockX.

But shoes aren’t the only valuable items on StockX. Shop handbags, clothes and accessories, watches, and more. These are the top-of-the-line luxury and one-of-a-kind collectibles that go to the heart of a luxury purchase for consumers.

Watch Out Amazon; These Apps Might be Coming For You 

While these apps aren’t exactly in the Amazon market niche in terms of what products they offer, each one has the potential to encroach deliciously into the some of the retailer’s territory. Whether these brands will begin to nip at the heels of the online Goliath remains to be seen. However, each app is definitely worth a second look from the discerning shopaholic.