Be Trendy in Your Beauty: Top Hairstyle Trends to Inspire You

The year 2019 seems to be the year of the bold in all trends. Hairstyles definitely fit in as top designers have their models showing off bold cuts and even bolder colours. Therefore, if you want to have a change this year, this is the perfect time to let yourself run wild. Using the following trends as inspiration should help you create a stunning personal image.

Top 5 Hairstyle Trends to Inspire Your Personal Transformation

1.      Bold hair accessories

If you want to be trendy but don’t really want to part with your current hairstyle, you should use accessories. The bolder the better as is signified by Dolce & Gabbana as well as a dozen other designers.

Colourful silk scarves, huge artificial flowers, golden clips with big ethnic ornaments attached to them, the list of options is endless. To create a truly fantastic look, you should visit Etsy and other similar marketplaces. Handmade accessories are not only trendy but also unique. Therefore, you have a higher chance to find something that will fit your personality perfectly in such places. The best thing about accessories is that you can change your image as often as you want.

2.      Bright unnatural colours

If you colour your hair in 2019, go bold or not at all. The natural look is rocking these days even if you have grey hair. As to the coloured locks, unnatural hues are the most popular and a perfect way for you to express your personality. Whether you choose green, blue, pink, or ash blonde doesn’t matter. Even in an office setting wearing such hair colours today wouldn’t be a shock.

Bear in mind that in order to preserve this beauty, you’ll need to upgrade your hair care routine. Such colours cannot last long. However, you can prolong the period between colouring treatments if you wash your hair the right way. You should also add some tinting product to your shampoo or use a tinted shampoo by default. For example, if you choose to go with the trendy ash blonde, you should use purple shampoo.

3.      If it’s straight, make it perfect

While no one denies that soft waves are a great style for a romantic date, this year brings back the trend for super-sleek straight locks. The ‘super’ part isn’t an exaggeration here as to make your tresses trendy, you need to make them so perfectly straight that it’ll border on unnatural.

This means you’ll need to use a variety of products and learn how to wield a straightening iron like a pro. To achieve this look you should use a variety of professional-grade straighteners, starting with a shampoo. Note that using a specialized shampoo and hair mask is most important because it will allow you to avoid using too much styling product. The latter can make your tresses look greasy instead of sleek and silky.

4.      Buzz cut

Buzz cuts are in. If you don’t believe it, check out Marc Jacobs’ shows of the year. Miu Miu and Prada also seem to support this trend and it’s sure to spread to others. A buzz cut with a bold colour is the perfect combination for the next season. It’s sure to look stunning with a stylish dress in a matching colour.

The fact that buzz cuts are finally in trend for women is a great thing. Not only are they really easy to take care of, this style also allows you a chance to restore your locks if they’ve been damaged by something, like pregnancy or a bad bleaching treatment.

5.      70’s rock star haircut

The well-known 70’s ‘shag haircut’ worn by many a rock star back in the day is firmly back in trend this year. It will go0 nicely with varied rock-star-inspired outfits that are also back in trend. You definitely should have a leather jacket to go with this look, but an office dress will do nicely as well.

One of the greatest advantages of this haircut is that it doesn’t need much styling at all. In fact, styling it to look neater will ruin the style. Therefore, it’s a great choice for women who don’t have the time to style their locks every morning, yet want to avoid something quite as bold as a buzz cut.