Best Workouts for Moms Living in An Apartment

When you’re a brand new mother, getting into shape can seem like an impossible task.When you have2 rambunctious toddlers running amuck through the living room, you’ve probably given up all hope. Fortunately for you, there are quite a few exercises that you can do even in a small apartment. These moves are quiet enough for your neighbors and fun enough for your energy-filled toddlers.

For a New Baby:

Deep Belly Breathing

This simple exercise can be done on the same day that you give birth. Just sit upright and take a deep breath. Tighten your abs while inhaling, then let them relax as you exhale. This will start to rebuild strength and tone for your abs after pregnancy. Sit up straight and take in deep breaths so that the air is drawn from the diaphragm. Hold your abs tight when you inhale the air and then relax while exhaling. With time, try to increase the time through which you can keep your abs contracted.

Head lifts

Lie down on your back and rest your arms along your aside. By keeping your lower back portion stuck to the floor, bend your knees by keeping the feet tucked to the floor. While exhaling, lift your head off the floor and then again inhale while you lower the head downwards.

Shoulder lifts

When your body is at ease with doing 10 head lifts effortlessly, you can graduate to shoulder lifts. For this one, you have to sneak into the same position as your head lifts. Relax your belly while inhaling and when you exhale, raise your shoulders and head from the floor so that your hands and arms reach out to your knees. In case you feel a strain in your neck, you can support your head with both your hands. While lowering your head, make sure you inhale.


As and when you are able to do 10 shoulder lifts, move on for curl-ups. Get back to the same position and try to lift your torso until it reaches halfway between your knees. As you reach out towards your knees, hold on for 2-5 seconds and then gradually lower down your body.

Baby Cradle Lunges

Just because you can’t get out of the house doesn’t mean you can’t get into shape. Start with this simple exercise. Hold your baby close to your chest and lunge forward with your right leg. Do not let your toes extend past your knee. Repeat 8-10 times on each side, strengthening your core, legs, and back.


This is one of the most effective exercises which can let you tone the muscles of your bladder and reduce risks of incontinence which is common soon after delivering your baby. The more you can perform kegels, the longer you can hold and control those unwanted leaks. When you urinate, try to manipulate the muscles until you find the urine flow to stop temporarily. Soon after, release and allow the urine to flow. Try to do this 3 times in a day.

Baby-Assisted Squats

Once your baby is a few months old, you can perform this exercise. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart while holding your baby close to your chest. Squat down until your baby’s feet can touch the floor.  Rise up and bring the baby closer to your chest. This exercise is fun for both you and baby.

For Toddlers and Beyond:

Practically any exercise can be fun for the whole family if you get your kids involved. Here are a few of our personal favorites that can be done in a modern apartment with limited space.

  1. The Overhead Towel Squat

This glute and arm strengthening exercise is quiet and fun. Go ahead and grab a towel for yourself and a kid’s towel or dish towel for your toddler. Now, stand with your feet apart, slightly wider than shoulder width. Your rolled-up towel should be in an overhand grasp and raised over your head while you perform a squat. Your toddler can practice sitting down in a chair instead of squatting.

  1. One-Leg, One-Arm Reach

Looking for a way to work out your glutes and hamstrings? You’ve found it with this excellent exercise. Stand on your right leg and raise your left arm in front of you. Next, lower your torso while raising your left leg behind you. Your little one can join in on the fun by trying to stand on one leg and balance like mommy.

  1. Jumping Jacks

Looking for cardio but can’t get outside? If noise isn’t an issue in your apartment, jumping jacks are a simple, quick exercise that your kids will love to do with you!