Top 7 Birthday Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Most guys are happy with any gift you give them, because it comes from you. But if you want to do something special for your boyfriend on his birthday, think about what he likes to do, or would do if he had the chance. There is no end to the type of gift you can give, from cool technological gadgets to sports equipment and experience gifts. If you can pick out something that you can both appreciate, so much the better.

Birthday Ideas for Your Boyfriend

The Latest Techno Gadget

If your boyfriend is a techno geek, a pair of sunglasses that is also an MP3 player is a really cool gift he will appreciate. This technological wonder combines the features of a digital music player and wireless headset with advanced sunglasses. Bluetooth sunglasses typically have an 8GB flash memory, and some can store over two thousand songs and last up to six hours on one charge. They can also be used as a phone with voice activation for dialing telephone numbers. Look into MP3 Bluetooth sunglasses with the ability to interface with a PC through a USB, making them perfect for storing data files along with song files. To top it off, many have UVA/UVB protection and polarization.

Book a Segway Tour

You may have seen Segways in the mall or around town. A Segway is a personal transportation option that appears to be a motorized scooter, and they are a lot of fun to ride. Segway tours are popping up all over the place, and people love that they are a “green” options for getting around. Look into where Segway tours are given in your area, and sign up. When you arrive, you will be given a helmet for safety and a quick lesson. A little practice, and off you go to explore on your guided tour. Online companies like list Segway tours worldwide.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you are feeling adventurous, sign up for a hot air balloon ride and spend his birthday floating serenely over the countryside. This amazing experience is available in many locations. Your balloon pilot should be experienced and certified to provide a safe trip. Be prepared to help set up the balloon, and then hop in quickly as it starts to rise. You may be surprised at the silence and peaceful feeling you get as you soar over famous landmarks or the local area. A tradition is to celebrate a safe landing after the trip with champagne and hors d’oeuvres.

Get a Couples Massage

Even if your boyfriend is not a spa kind of guy, a couples massage is a great way to spend time together on his birthday. You can go to the spa and have your massage tables set up side by side, or visit a local resort to see if they have something special like a sunset couples massage outdoors near the water. If he is a little shy or if a spa or resort seems too “girly,” hire a licensed masseuse to come to the house.

For the Sports Enthusiast

Most guys are into sports, so you know he will love a cool sports gift for his birthday. If it is the season for his favorite team to play in the area, buy a couple of tickets and plan to spend the day watching the game. You can always buy him official clothing or equipment from the team or other merchandise like authentic autographed sports equipment like signed baseballs and bats, footballs and hockey sticks. A team picture from recent years or long ago also makes a good gift. If your boyfriend plays a sport, consider giving him updated equipment. For instance, DeMarini equipment for the baseball player in your life, or maybe a new club if your guy is a golfer. Just be sure you can exchange it if it is not what he had in mind.

Do a Photo Shoot

A lasting gift and a fun way to spend his birthday is to stage a photo shoot with the two of you. You can go to a photography studio, hire a professional photographer to take some outdoor shots or have the photographer come to your home. Another option is to ask a talented friend to do the honors and take some photos of the two of you. Make sure he or she takes a ton of pictures so you can have a wide range of shots to choose from. Plan the shots in advance by selecting locations and even the types of poses you want, and be sure to dress in colors that compliment or match for the best result.

Give a Golf Gift

If your boyfriend is a golfer, you are in luck because there is a host of birthday gift opportunities for guys who love to spend the day on the links. If he is not a golfer, so much the better, because you can get him a series of golf lessons. The best golf gift you can give a golfer is a GPS system that maps out an array of golf courses and tells the golfer his distance to the hole from anyplace on the golf course. GPS systems come as a hand held unit, as a telescope device and even as a wrist watch. Of course, GPS systems are kind of pricey, so if cost is a factor, consider golf gift alternatives like sun protective clothing, hybrid golf clubs, insulated cooler bags and whimsical head covers for his clubs.