Celebrities Without Makeup: Who Needs It and Who Doesn’t?

Left: Katy Perry Without Makeup (Source: Twitpic) Right: Katy Perry With Makeup (Source: Nylon Magazine)

Who can forget the photo on the left? Katy Perry’s husband, Russell Brand, tweeted this picture of his lovely bride a few months back and deleted it not long after, probably due to protests from his wife. In all honesty, I don’t think she looks that bad. Granted, she doesn’t look great but she doesn’t look all that bad. Let’s not ignore the fact that she’s sort of got a weird expression on her face and has probably just gotten out of bed. Even so, it’s hard to argue that Katy doesn’t look a lot better with makeup.

Left: Lisa Rinna Without Makeup (Source: Twitter) Right: Lisa Rinna With Makeup (Source: exposay.com)

I wanted to put a better-without-makeup picture here, but I thought that was best left for later in the article. I couldn’t pass up the chance to give serious props to two lovely and fearless Hollywood babes who took to their Twitter and Facebook accounts respectively to show the world what they look like without makeup. First, Lisa Rinna. Sure she looks more glamorous with makeup but honestly, I think she looks pretty good without makeup too – better than I do, anyway.

Left: Teri Hatcher Without Makeup (Source: Facebook) Right: Teri Hatcher With Makeup (Source: sofeminine.ca)

Teri Hatcher took to her Facebook account to strike back at claims that she uses too much Botox by posting pictures of herself that she took just after getting out of the shower. Along with the pictures, she posted a message admitting to using fillers and injections in the past but also telling women that they are beautiful. Does Teri look better with makeup? Yes. Much, much better, but having the guts to post those pictures on her official Facebook page knowing the media would pick them up and broadcast them around the world made her far more attractive to me than most of the celebrities on there. Note to Megan Fox: this is how you shut the critics up. Sure Megan’s pictures showed she probably hasn’t had Botox, but the layers of makeup she had on in those photos really took a lot of punch out of the message. Teri took this picture completely barefaced and natural and I still think she looks beautiful.

So who else looks lovely with a natural face? Who really needs the time in the makeup chair to look their best? Let’s take a look at some of Hollywood’s most famous female celebrities without makeup broken down into the categories I think they belong in. Don’t agree? Make sure you let me know in the comments section at the end of the post.

Better With Makeup

Looking better with makeup doesn’t necessarily mean you look bad without it. It just means that wearing a little makeup brings out your natural beauty. That’s the case with most (but not all) of the ladies I’ve included in this section.

Left: Britney Spears Without Makeup (Source: amazingdata.com) Right: Britney Spears With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Charlize Theron Without Makeup (Source: amazingdata.com) Right: Charlize Theron With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Christina Applegate Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Christina Applegate With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Courtney Cox Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Courtney Cox With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Debra Messing Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Debra Messing With Makeup (Source: fanpop.com)
Left: Drew Barrymore Without Makeup (Source: amazingdata.com) Right: Drew Barrymore With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Emmanuelle Chriqui Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Emmanuelle Chriqui With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Gisele Bundchen Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Gisele Bundchen With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Gwyneth Paltrow Without Makeup (Source: amazingdata.com) Right: Gwyneth Paltrow With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Heidi Klum Without Makeup (Source: amazingdata.com) Right: Heidi Klum With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Janice Dickinson Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Janice Dickinson With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Jennifer Garner Without Makeup (Source: amazingdata.com) Right: Jennifer Garner With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Jennifer Love Hewitt Without Makeup (Source: amazingdata.com) Right: Jennifer Love Hewitt With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Jessica Alba Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Jessica Alba With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Kate Hudson Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Kate Hudson With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Katherine Heigl Without Makeup (Source: amazingdata.com) Right: Katherine Heigl With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: LeAnn Rimes Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: LeAnn Rimes With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Marcia Cross Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Marcia Cross With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Molly Sims Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Molly Sims With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Pamela Anderson Without Makeup (Source: amazingdata.com) Right: Pamela Anderson With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Reese Witherspoon Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Reese Witherspoon With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Rihanna Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Rihanna With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)


Better Without Makeup

A little makeup can go along way but there are some women in Hollywood that just look better fresh faced and natural. This section is fairly small because there just aren’t many women that can claim makeup takes away from their natural beauty. Many of the women I’ve included here have a special something about them that makes them stand out and all too often, makeup takes that ‘something special’ and makes it ‘something typical’.

Left: Cindy Crawford Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Cindy Crawford With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Diana Agron Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Diana Agron With Makeup (Source: foxnews.com)
Left: Ellen Pompeo Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Ellen Pompeo With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Jessica Biel Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Jessica Biel With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Jessica Simpson Without Makeup (Source: amazingdata.com) Right: Jessica Simpson With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Kate Winslet Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Kate Winslet With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Kendra Wilkinson Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Kendra Wilkinson With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)

Beautiful Either Way

I was a little surprised to see how many women fit into this category. I was one of those somewhat jaded people who thought most of the gorgeous faces I see on the red carpet would look much different without a hair and makeup team and in a lot of cases, I was wrong. They don’t really look better with makeup or without makeup. Their natural beauty shines through no matter what they do.

Left: Adriana Lima Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Adriana Lima With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Alyson Hannigan Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Alyson Hannigan With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Amanda Peet Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Amanda Peet With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Amanda Seyfried Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Amanda Seyfried With Makeup (Source: fanpop.com)
Left: Anne Hathaway Without Makeup (Source: amazingdata.com) Right: Anne Hathaway With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Ashley Green Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Ashley Green With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Beyoncé Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Beyoncé With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Calista Flockhart Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Calista Flockhart With Makeup (Source: buddytv.com)
Left: Ciara Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Ciara With Makeup (Source: fanpop.com)
Left: Eva Longoria Without Makeup (Source: amazingdata.com) Right: Eva Longoria With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Hilary Duff Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Hilary Duff With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Isabel Lucas Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Isabel Lucas With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: January Jones Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: January Jones With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Jennifer Hudson Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Jennifer Hudson With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Jennifer Lopez Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Jennifer Lopez With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Jordana Brewster Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Jordana Brewster With Makeup (Source: foxnews.com)
Left: Kim Kardashian Without Makeup (Source: foxnews.com) Right: Kim Kardashian With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)
Left: Mila Kunis Without Makeup (Source: withoutmakeup.com) Right: Mila Kunis With Makeup (Source: fanpop.com)
Left: Vanessa Hudgens Without Makeup (Source: amazingdata.com) Right: Vanessa Hudgens With Makeup (Source: askmen.com)