7 Beauty Myths You Need to Stop Believing Today

Even the most knowledgeable of makeup artists can be duped by some of the world’s most pervasive beauty myths. We’ll debunk 7 common beauty beliefs that might be taking you for a loop and help simplify your beauty routine.


  1. You Can Shrink Your Pores

Hate to say it, but your pores don’t actually shrink and grow in size, only their appearance does. Your pore size is actually predetermined in your genetics, meaning you’ll have a hard time shrinking them down. When dead skin cells, bacteria, and oil build up in a pore, they can cause inflammation that can cause your pore to stretch temporarily, resulting in the appearance of larger pores. You can, however, make your pores appear smaller.  Cleaning your skin with a daily gentle cleanser can help minimize the appearance of larger pores with the added benefit of preventing future breakouts.

  1. People With Oily Skin Shouldn’t Use Moisturizer

Even if you have oily or combination skin, you still need to use moisturizer! This is a common myth that’s been proven wrong again and again, but many of us still seem to believe it’s true. Oily skin does not mean your skin is hydrated; it just means your pores are working overtime and producing an excess amount of sebum, the oily substance that leads to face shine often in the T-zone. No matter what skin type you have, you need to moisturize. Those with oily skin should stick to oil-free, light moisturizer options that will keep your skin hydrated but cut down on unnecessary shine.

  1. Cucumbers Will Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

It’s a fun image for sure—the heroine in the movie gets a makeover, puts some cucumbers over her eyes, and wham—vibrant peepers that make her the belle of the ball. In reality, the cucumbers really do nothing—it’s the temperature that’s making a difference for any lingering puffiness. Cucumbers became a popular route because they retain coolness, but you can do the same with a cold spoon or an icepack.

  1. Shaving Makes Our Hair Grow Faster and Darker

Shaving doesn’t change the follicle or the hair, meaning it won’t cause those hairs to grow at a quicker rate or come in a completely different color. Shaving does cut the hair at a blunt angle, making the hair look thicker. As this shaved hair continues to grow from the root, you may notice this bluntness, which may cause it to appear thicker and darker. There have been numerous studies done that show shaving cannot upset the recurrence or rate of hair growth, so you can shave with peace of mind that your hair won’t return with a vengeance. One thing you can do to minimize the appearance of blunt hair ends is switch out your razor regularly; try Dollar Shave Club and have a sharp, new razor delivered to your doorstep each month.

  1. Chocolate Causes Acne

Chocolate lovers rejoice, because this myth is pervasive, but untrue. There have been studies that have noted links between the consumption of chocolate and dairy and the prevalence of acne breakouts, but every single one of these studies was flawed. Scientists and dermatologists agree that chocolate cannot be blamed as a key catalyst for blemishes, so go ahead and have that candy bar—just remember, moderation is a good thing.

  1. Water Hydrates Your Skin

Water does a whole lot of good for our bodies, but one thing it simply can’t do is hydrate our skin. You’ve likely heard many times in your life that guzzling water bottle after water bottle can help clear up the skin, but sadly H2O isn’t a wonderful elixir that will magically get rid of pimples. It IS important to drink enough water to look and feel your best, but don’t think that drinking a bottle of water means you don’t need to moisturize.

  1. Makeup Causes Acne

You’ve likely heard the myth that you should avoid wearing makeup occasionally to let your skin “breathe”. Your makeup actually doesn’t clog up your pores. You’ll find a lot of cosmetics that are pegged as non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t fill up your pores, but with proper and consistent daily skin cleansing you can use any cosmetic brand your heart desires. Makeup doesn’t cause acne, but it is important to remove any makeup before heavy bouts of sweating and before going to bed each night.