The Benefits of Gel Nail Polish

The state of one’s nail and tell a lot about the person. Well kept nails are a reflection of one’s dedication to health and appearance. However, having beautiful nails can be time consuming. The busy lives of women nowadays makes tending to nail difficult. Luckily, there’s a solution to this problem.

Gel nail polish continues to be one of the most popular beauty trends! In recent years, gel nail polish has gone from being something that could only be done in a salon to something anyone can do at home! The possibilities are endless with all colors and styles imaginable being made available for DIY gel nails.

Still not convinced? Keep reading about some of the major benefits of gel nail polish over regular acrylic polish. You’ll want to try your own gel nail polish manicure by the end!

It Stays on Longer

If you’ve ever struggled with nail polish that chips seemingly immediately after it dries, you will appreciate the longevity of a gel nail polish. Gel nail polish, when properly applied, cures itself to the nail through UV or LED light. This process makes the polish much stronger chemically than acrylic polish. Gel polish can last for up to two weeks without chipping or damaging!

Gel Protects Your Nail

A lot of women struggle with frail or damaged nails. Let’s face it, our nails often aren’t treated as well as they should be, and constant polishing and exposing the nails to the elements can be damaging. If your nails are prone to breakage, gel nail polish might be the solution your nails need.

The curing process acts as a barrier to outside particles and pollutants. Once dry, the polish can strengthen the nails that are prone to breakage and tears. Gel polish cannot be easily removed, thus it is the perfect way to protect your fragile nails from the elements.

Quick Drying Properties

Regular acrylic polish can take over an hour to fully dry, and there is no way to speed up this process. It can be hard to keep your polish clean and perfect while it fully dries, and this can ruin a manicure almost immediately.

Luckily, gel polish dries in less than a minute. There are no long waiting periods or needing to keep your hands idle while your color dries. The light from the LED or UV instantly reacts with the gel polish to adhere the color to your nail quickly. Your busy schedule will not be further burdened with an additional task.

Easier to Experiment

If you’ve always admired the look of intricate nail art and more complicated styles but were too afraid to try, gel polish might be the solution. Gel polish is applied differently than acrylic polish, and most users find it much easier to paint with. A thinner coat is needed to create bold color, so it is much more flexible when it comes to experimenting with different styles. You will be able to express your personality this way too.

Fabulous Nails that Last

The biggest advantage of gel nails, of course, is how fabulous they make the nails look! Unlike acrylic, gel polish can hide bumps and grooves in nails that might show otherwise. The polish dries smooth and is resistant to breakage and damage for sometimes up to four weeks. If you’re tired of damaged nails, give gel polish a try to experience the benefits for yourself!

You are now probably convinced that by doing a little beautifying with gel polish will do you a lot of good. The only question that arises is, which color will you go for?