A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

As all newlyweds would agree with us, buying the diamond for your ring is perhaps one of the most important parts of marriage. The diamond on your ring might hold a lot of monetary value, but it is the emotional value associated with it that makes it so important to the process.

Now, you wouldn’t want all that emotional value associated with an item that isn’t worth your commitment. So the diamond on your engagement ring needs to perfectly evoke all your feelings towards the other person.

Having delved into the emotional and monetary importance associated with the diamond, we will now build upon our step by step guide to buying your perfect diamond ring. The perfect diamond ring can only be made through the addition of a diamond that shines as brightly as your love. The process of selecting your preferred diamond out of hundreds of options is what makes the whole job of buying a ring extremely difficult.

Since we don’t expect you to know much about diamond rings and the qualms associated with buying it, we will guide you through the steps required for buying the perfect diamond. Go through this list and make sure that you don’t cut a massive whole in your pocket and buy the best diamond for the love of your life.

Decide on Your Budget

This is perhaps the most crucial step in buying a diamond ring. You need to be extremely clear about the budget you have with you. Diamonds can come in various forms, as you will get to know later on in this blog, which is why you ought to know your range before going diamond shopping.

Oftentimes, couples keep a tentative budget, which is almost always crossed due to the excitement of buying your preferred diamond. You can easily exceed your monetary limits if you don’t have a budget with you. Streamline this process by creating a whole budget for the wedding or engagement. Have a separate budget for the diamond on your ring and know which cost you will have to cut down to make room for any increase in diamond ring budget. After going through the list below, you will be in a better position to buy the perfect diamond ring within your range.

Shape of Diamond

Once you’re decided on the budget you have with you, you can get to decide the shape of your diamond. Do not confuse the shape of the diamond with the cut, because these are two different things. The cut is used to refer to the facets and angles present within the diamond, and it is mostly used as a means of evaluating and analyzing a diamond centerpiece. However, the shape of a diamond is more imperative to the overall aesthetics of the piece. Some of the popular shapes for diamonds include the princess cut and round and cushion cut. There are multiple other shapes as well, which you can consider when creating your own unique custom-made diamond shape.

Carat Weight

The carat weight of your final diamond will depend on many factors, including how much you’re willing to spend on it and what you’re expecting from the ring. If you have the cash reserves and are on the same page with your fiancé, then you can go for a higher carat weight.

Deciding on the Quality

Now that you have probably decided your budget, the shape of your wholesale diamond, and the carat weight of the piece, you can get to see the quality of the diamond. The quality of a diamond isn’t a subjective matter as there are numerous metrics in place to help you place a diamond on the scale of quality.

You can start your search by going through the highest rated diamonds, according to quality. The highest quality diamonds usually come with a color grade rating of D and a clarity ration of IF or FL; IF is supposed to mean internally flawless, while F is supposed to mean flawless. Go for the highest option on the cut to make it a luxury deal of sorts. You can also choose the best cut on the chart to see what matches your expectations. Many retailers have different cuts, which is why you’ll have to ask them about this.

Since you may not be able to afford the highest quality diamond  mentioned above, now is the time to start making adjustments to the search criteria you have in your mind. For starters, you can make adjustments in the clarity of the diamond you’re choosing and see how that impacts the overall price of the piece. The clarity grade can be lowered to as low as VS2 before you can alter some of the other factors. VS2 diamonds are clean to the naked eye, with the few impurities only being noticed through a microscopic view. Additionally, they tend to closely resemble the FL clarity grade.

With the clarity lowered, you can get to reduce the quality of the diamond’s color. The rule of thumb over here is to lower the quality of the diamond to either G or H from the initial levels of D.

If you’re buying a colorful yellow or rose gold diamond, make sure you opt for lesser color quality, as a higher quality rating of D can make the diamond look yellow in color.

Once you’re done with reducing the color quality of the diamond, you can select a different cut option that will cost you less than the original, most expensive one. By the time you’re reading this, we assume you have already made multiple adjustments to the diamond and have significantly reduced the cost associated with it. With this final adjustment in the cut quality, you can seal the deal and get the diamond within your preferred range. However, make sure that you don’t go for anything less than the ‘Very Good’ cut grade.