Creepy Train Station Art

Train Stations are traditionally quite creepy and are not normally the most exciting places to spend any length of time in, they are rather dull, uninteresting and grubby, but a select few have made an effort to turn these huge spaces into something a little more appealing to the eye. I just think that most haven’t quite hit the mark yet. So just have a look around next time you are booking your rail tickets or your on the hunt for the ever eluding train timetable, to see what kind of an effort the station has made to ensure your wait for the train is a little more enjoyable.

You might be surprised at what you find there albeit old fashioned advertising posters dotted about or strange and interesting Sculptures for you to gaze at. I mean take Madrid for instance, they have really made an effort to spruce up their stations by using massive Sculptures and even  an indoor jungle complete with plants and animals for you to enjoy! Now that is going above and beyond really!

But some stations, as I have mentioned previously, just don’t cut the mustard. To be honest, sometimes the effort made makes the place look worse in fact with their awful graffiti or just downright weird art.

So here’s some train station art that I think is just plain creepy!!

Creepy Glove Art


This is Glove Cycle by Mags Harries and is basically a large collection of bronze glove scattered inside in Porter Street Station, Cambridge, Massachusetts. This is one of over twenty pieces of Art, that was part of a program to bring art into the MBTA’s Subways called Arts on the Line and was Introduced in the late 1970’s and 1980’s. A bit dirty and creepy looking, if you ask me!

Concrete People


Untitled by Jame Tyler is Life-sized people made out of cement which stand in Davis Square – the major intersection in Northwest Someville, Massachusetts. It is one of the main stops on the Red Line of the MBTA Subway. This again is part of the Arts on the Line Program. Now this really freaked me out because look so lifelike you could imagine mistaking them for real people and asking them for directions! I thought they were Muses, all painted up, but they are actually statues. Can you imagine coming face to face with one of them in the dark or the fog… scary thought!

Scary Crab


Not a clue where this one was from, but don’t know any crab’s that resemble this monstrosity it’s just plain horrid. I will probably now have this imagine chasing me in my nightmares for weeks to come!

Eye spy, with my little eye…well big eye actually!


This is called the Left Eye of Shinjuku and was painted on the side of boxes inhabited by homeless people in Shinjuku Station, Tokyo. It’s part of the Street Art that appears all over Tokyo, which is used to inspire us or sometimes to try and get messages over to us. Art for everyday visitors really. I’m not sure I’d want this looking back at me as it’s a bit freaky looking.

Two thugs?


Perm Station Mural appears on an old Railway Station in Russia which has now been remodelled and turned into a museum, with this thing on it! Not sure what message it’s trying to say, but rumour has it that the quote under the picture is a quote from the Bible, maybe it means be nice to others? They aren’t exactly poster boys are they I mean, I wouldn’t want to meet these two down a dark alley (no offence).

Stare down


A creepy pair of eyes watch you as you stand on the platform like a crazed killer peering through your window. This is a mural by an unknown graffiti artist in Vauxhall Station, London.

What a shambles


What on earth is this mess supposed to be, this Graffiti, again by an unknown artist appears at New Wakefield Street below Oxford Road Train Station.Really don’t like the eyeball and it’s entrails…yuck.

Little green man


Creepy Alien looking Graffiti at Dutton Park Railway Station.

Cats and a Chinese man


This gentleman took photos of the Graffiti near the Train Station in Kuala Lumpur and I’m not too sure that I like the latex gloved hand, the China man’s teeth or the glazed expression in the cats eyes. Quite strange if you ask me and a little creepy too.

Baby face


This giant baby’s head appears in a Madrid Train Station, Peurta De Atocha. There are actually two of these, one that appears to be asleep and the other maybe a little shocked. They are both by the Hyper realist Sculptor Antionio Lopez. They are so lifelike they give me the creeps!

Demon Chick xx