Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Medium length hair has a lot of advantages. It’s easier to take care of than long locks but more versatile than short hair. There are a lot of cute hairstyles for medium hair out there but choosing the right one for you can be a difficult process. When you’re looking for the perfect everyday hairstyle for medium hair, ask yourself the following five questions:

  1. Are bangs right for you?
  2. Do you have time to look after a high maintenance style?
  3. Do you want something classic and timeless or something more unique and edgy?
  4. Are you willing to drastically alter your current look?
  5. Is the style you’re considering something you’ll be able to try different things with?

If you’re looking for something to do with medium length hair for a special event like prom, a wedding or another special event, you want to ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Will the style you’re considering hold up all night?
  2. Is the style comfortable?
  3. Is the style appropriate for the occasion?
  4. Do you want something classic or something more egdy?
  5. Will the style need a lot of maintenance over the course of the evening?

With those questions in mind, let’s look some cute hairstyles for medium hair you might want to consider. Let’s start with styles you can wear every day and talk a little bit about what they have going for them.

Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair to Wear Every Day

Asia Argento (credit: Pascal le Segretain/Getty)

Straight with Side Swept Bangs

There are few styles out there that look great, require minimal maintenance and can still be dressed up for a special event but this style is definitely one of those few. Side swept bangs look fabulous on any face shape and can really help conceal a long forehead. To get this look, you really just need to style your bangs to the side, brush your hair and you’re ready to go. To add a little kick (as Asia has done) , curl up the ends. I’d recommend just using a round brush instead of a curling iron as an iron may give too severe of a curl.

Jessica Alba (credit: Kevin Winter/Getty)

Straight with Center Side Swept Bangs

The look Jessica Alba is sporting in this photo. It’s also an incredibly easy look to pull off. It’s another wash and go sort of style but in order to really pull it off, you have to pay attention to the part in your bangs. It might take a little bit of training to get your bangs to part in the center but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have a great, easy and adorable style you can wear every day but that can also be dressed up for special events.

Naomi Watts (credit: Jason Merritt/Getty)

Wash and Go

I absolutely love the look Naomi is sporting in the picture above. It’s simple, classic and still stunning. You don’t really need to do anything special at all to get this look – just wash, run a brush through your hair and go. The center part with the hair pushed behind the ear is a flattering look for any face shape but you could also choose to let both sides hang in your face or tuck both sides behind your ear. This is an especially great style to go with because it leaves you with a lot of options for special events but still is super easy to take care of. Perfect for the busy woman who doesn’t have a lot of time for her hair but still wants a fashionable style.

Lisa Butcher (credit: Ian Gavan/Getty)

Short(er) and to the Point

This is an absolutely fantastic style of you’re looking for something super chic that’s easy to look after. It’s very flattering for any face shape and still allows for some options when it comes time for special events. To be honest though, you will be limiting your options slightly with this one so if you like to change it up, this might not be the best option for you. Even so, this is a great, modern look that you can wash, brush and go.

Now that you have an idea of what you can do with medium hair for every day styles, let’s look at cute hairstyles for medium hair that work special events.

Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair for Special Events

Gillian Jacobs (Kevin Winter/Getty)

Casual Messy Waves

I am especially partial to this style because it really works with any face shape and isn’t really all that hard to do. All you really need to do is separate your hair into sections and curl the ends slightly. Loosen the curls into waves with your fingers and apply a little hairspray (not too much as you want them to be a little messy). This is also a style that requires no upkeep over the course of the evening. It’s also a versatile style. You can wear it to pretty much any event with any style of clothing. If you’re looking for a change from straight hair, this could be a fun look for you to try out.

Kim Basinger (credit: Getty)

Messy Curls

A little more traditional than the messy waves look Gillian Jacobs wore, messy curls offer all the same benefits but take a little more care putting in. You’ll need to be sure your hair will take a curl before you attempt this one or you’ll end up with the wavy look anyway. You’ll want to use a medium barrel curler for this look and will need to have longer layers in your hair. Apply heat safe styling product to your hair first. You don’t want to use too much product though – just enough to give your hair a little extra hold. Separate your hair into sections and curl the sections using your medium barrel curler.

Kate Bosworth (credit: Larry Busacca/Getty)

Retro Curls with Side Part

This is an absolutely stunning retro style that will impress at any special event but it might be a little difficult for you to tackle on your own if you aren’t familiar with working with your hair. You’ll need to use a fair bit of product to make sure this style stays in place and will need to have pins on hand to pin curls. I’d recommend trying this one out with your hair stylist first.


The Bang Curl

This is perhaps my favorite style for medium hair. It’s unique, fun, flirty and perfect for any special event whether it’s a casual event or more formal in nature. You will need long layers to get this look but it’s actually not nearly as hard to do as it looks. It’s great for any hair texture or thickness and suits a variety of face shapes although it really works best for women with diamond, heart, oval, round or square shaped faces.

What You’ll Need:

  • Coarse hair texture: smoothing gel
  • Medium hair texture: volumizing mousse
  • Hairspray
  • Shining product (spray works best)

Step by Step Guide to Get this Look:

  • Step One: Apply mousse or gel if needed (see what you’ll need above)
  • Step Two: Part your hair above the arch in your left eyebrow
  • Step Three: Blow dry your hair until it’s almost completely dry, stopping before it is entirely dry.
  • Step Four: Part your hair into sections horizontally, creating layers.
  • Step Five: Finish blow drying your hair from the roots to the ends, curling hair with a large round brush. Spray the hair with a little bit (very little bit) of hairspray and allow the hair to dry before you take the brush out so it holds the curl.
  • Step Six: Roll the ends of your hair (layer by layer, being careful to leave out the bang layer) around a hot, large barrel curling iron until you’ve rolled the ends roughly three to four inches up your hair. Hold each curl for thirty seconds before releasing the curling iron. Don’t hold the curls for any longer than that or you could burn your hair.
  • Step Seven: At the crown, tease your roots until you have the desired amount of volume in your hair. Smooth the top layer of your hair over the area you’ve teased.
  • Step Eight: Finish off the style with your bang curl by taking the layer you’ve designated for your bangs and give it one full curl around your curling iron.
  • Step Nine: Hold your bang curl in place at the side of your head using a bobby pin.
  • Step Ten: Spray the entire style with hairspray making sure to pay attention to any flyaway hairs or trouble spots. Spray it with a little shining product and you’re good to go.

There are lots of cute hairstyles for medium hair out there and you can learn to do most of them from the comfort of your own home as long as you’re willing to take a little time to practice. I’d recommend trying out any new hairstyle at least once before you wear it to a special event so you can get used to how it looks or choose something else if you don’t like the look. This is much, much easier to do (and less expensive) if you style your own hair.