110 of the Dankest Memes You’ll Absolutely Love

As human beings, we are often facing problems that we want to hide from or ignore. We live in a world where our parents, sibling, partners, family, and society set expectations for us. We have the desire to please everyone, even at the cost of losing ourselves in the process. And in to seek refuge from all things that are wrong in our lives, we turn to the internet. And one of the things that bring us laughter or a comical reaction is dank memes.


What are dank memes?

The internet is full of dank memes that people laugh about, share to their social media, and talk about endlessly. This kind of memes mostly does not have deep or sensible meaning. And more often than not they are terrible jokes that have been repeated so many times. But they are great to read and offers humor.

In a nutshell, dank memes do not provide new perspective in your life, nor do they provide sense. Creating them makes people laugh. It’s as simple as that.

So if you are into dank memes, take them in their face value. But don’t look for deeper meanings because there is none. Simply enjoy what you are reading, and let the dank memes brighten your day.

Dank meme creators use different methods to express their opinions. They can come out as a blunt statement or a corny joke. As a result, the meaning of the dank memes can make you either laughing or confused. Or you can end up staring blankly at your screen. Various people have different reactions, but the purpose is the same for dank memes. They make you feel lightheaded and quite amused, regardless if you understood, agreed, or not.

About dank memes

A dank meme utilizes overused in-jokes and viral media as a mocking expression. The contents of the dank memes are a cliché and they lost their original value because they have been exhausted so much.

Poor visual quality

The dank memes are shown to have poor image quality that is actually intentional.  Excessively bleeding colors or patterns are used to express dank memes, along with visual artifacts. The creators of dank memes are doing everything to make the visual context look bad. And ironically, the poor expression of visual image gives allure to the dank memes.

Ear Rape for dank memes

Extreme distortion with a strong bass boost is what ear rape audio is all about. It is a sound that can destroy your ears. Video dank memes are usually equipped with ear rape audio. And though they are loud and annoying, ear rape sound completes the idea of a video meme.

Dank as marijuana

The word dank used to be a term for marijuana in its highest quality. It is also known as “cool”, and many users are impressed enough to use it as such. And marijuana and cool are deeply associated in many dank memes.

Origin of dank memes

The spread of dank memes

No one really knows the exact origin of dank memes, but the first one came out in 2013. That particular dank meme expressed parodies regarding present memes and being sarcastic about the culture of memes. This dank meme appeared on the 4chan and Reddit message boards.

May 26, 2013

Fennthulhu is a YouTuber who uploaded a mockery video on May 26, 2013 with the title “How 2 make dank memes!”. He used an image of the Success Kid to create this dank meme. This YouTuber advises to be as profane as possible, and use words that are offensive. In his dank meme he wrote: LE F.. DEAD PEOPLE. And the majoriy of the human population is intended to get offended by this dank meme video.

September 23, 2014

On September 23, 2014, Redditor xEphrOm uploaded a dank meme. He used a photo of a gnome kid sitting with a desktop in front. The dank meme reads: “Born too late to explore the earth born too soon to explore the galaxy born just in time to browse dank memes.”

September 30, 2014

Redditor 369DAMNyoFINE posted a dank meme on September 30, 2014.  “ur getting a ticket sir that meme wasn’t dank enough.”  Was the message of this dank meme. The dank meme creator used an image of a young kid in a police officer uniform and hat.

October 24, 2014

YouTuber Juston Bibero created a mockery video called “9gagger can’t handle the dank memes”. And it was on October 24, 2014 that this dank meme was posted. This dank meme video reached 52,000 views, and 150 people left comments in a span of two months. Clearly, many online users received this montage parody clip very well.

December 4, 2014

Redditor Thejacobplumb created the post called “What are ‘dank memes’?” on December 4, 2014. People’s interests became even more intense with dank memes after this post.

May 21, 2016

YouTuber scumrider posted a video involving journalist Denis Atkins on May 21, 2016. The journalist from Insiders, which is an Australian news and talk show, read the meaning of “dank meme” from Know Your Meme. This particular clip went viral with views that reached 598,000 and comments of 1,000. And that happened within 48 hours only.

May 22, 2016

Redditor stickpeted sent the same video from YouTuber scumrider on May 22, 2016 to /r/youtubehaiku. And in just one day, the video received over 1,200 votes (95% upvoted) and there were 50 comments.

Why dank memes are created

Dank memes, just like everything else in this world, are created for a reason

Let us check out some of the reasons why dank memes exists.

Political agenda

People in politics often use dank memes for their political advancement. Often, politicians use dank memes to taint the image of the opposing party, so they can gain the advantage. The dank memes are filled with contexts that do not need to be true. But they are created in order to make funny jokes about people in politics.

For fun

Many creators of dank memes spend hours making new ones in order to make people laugh. Dank memes are intended to be sarcastically funny. They bring mockery to anything that humans believe in in this world, and they are very popular. Dank memes are certainly created to bring joy and sometimes humorous mockery of people’s lives.

An outlet

When you are in a difficult situation, you need an outlet from your pain. And like other people, you can find solace in reading and creating dank memes. You can pass the time creating your own dank meme, and share it with others who are in emotional or physical pain. Without a doubt, dank memes can help people momentarily forget about their personal struggles in life.

Simple guide on making a dank meme

You can find a lot of dank memes in the web these days. So why not make one?

Choose your dank meme

Dank memes are typically created using existing meme templates that are taken from another memes. All you have to do is select what meme you like and edit it, and then add your own version of a dank meme. To make it easier for you, utilize dank meme apps for a fast and efficient meme creation.

Acquire a blank meme photo

Make sure that you use a clean photo for your dank meme. Remove the existing texts and create your own. That is definitely easy when you use a dank meme app or meme creator.

Add your own mockery text

Remember that a dank meme is judged by its text content, and so you need to choose your words carefully. Make it very sarcastic, and mock anyone you want to. Be blunt and bold, and just say what you want. Create a dank meme that is yours.

Add a dank to your meme

Once you have chosen your text context, you must add a “dank” into the message. Dank is associated with many words, especially marijuana and cool. Be sure to make your whole context is intentionally offensive to people. That is what dank memes are all about.

Correcting errors

After the completion of your dank meme texts, you need to check for errors in your entire image. Look at the fonts of the texts, the size, picture quality, and everything else in it.  Scrutinize your own work and make sure that everything is in place.

Use resources

To make sure that there is nothing wrong with your dank meme, you can use a meme editor. You will have lots of options for the style, layout, fonts, and photo quality. There are templates as well that you can use to create a new dank meme. Utilizes these apps or software, and you will have great dank memes to post.

Understand dank memes

Making a dank meme requires you to understand what this kind of meme is really like. When you are done creating your own version of a dank meme, review it first before you hit save. Ensure that your creation involves spunk, sarcasm, mockery, absurdity, and a touch of inside-joke. Knowing your meme goes a long way, especially in social media where some memes are popular, and others are not.

Post your dank meme

Now that you are holistically satisfied with your dank meme, you need to post it. Find a platform where dank memes are mostly submitted, and don’t forget to post in your own social media accounts.  You can post your dank meme in Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and in other places.

Two types of dank memes

Absurdity is the heart of every dank meme, and it pays to know how to create your own dank memes. Dank memes challenges people to question culture, beliefs, and even the truth about anything or anyone else in this world.

The dank memes are circulated so many times that it is hard to quite get the humor out of them. But if you have come across the previous dank memes that relates to the recent messages, then you’ll get it.

Dank memes are cruel to targeted people, especially to politicians. And they offer insult to just anything that the creator can think about. They are not entirely truth, but they dank memes offer a weird way of looking at things in an absurd kind of view.

Plus, dank memes are funny in a not so good way. And there are two kinds of dank memes that you should know about.

Deep-fried dank memes

The deep-fried dank memes are those with extremely distorted features that obviously been through so many filters. They are typically counter-culture, and if you come across this type of dank meme, you may not get what it meant. But don’t worry, because dank memes are not created to make a lot of sense.

Surreal dank memes

The surreal dank memes are infused with multiple sheets of irony until they are much disfigured. And then the corporations or popular culture will not recognize them anymore. This type of dank meme intends to put a huge gap between two cultures or two sets of people.

Who likes dank memes?

Dank memes have a dark humor that many traditional and conservative people cannot relate to.

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But truth be told, dank memes are very popular with the young people, and even for many older people.

It cannot be denied that despite the bad jokes, sarcastic messages, senseless humor, and poor quality, dank memes are fascinating.

Even the worst dank memes kindles interest in some people, simply for the reason that they are so bad.

And even if there are positive memes out there, dank memes rises to the top and gives enjoyment to viewers.

Maybe it’s because we all need to get out of our shell sometimes and experience thrashing others with dank memes.

Because admit it or not, there’s a small voice in our head telling us to act out and be bad.

But since we cannot let go of our inhibitions and ignore the rules, we keep cool and maintain our façade.

And through creating or reading dank memes, we find a way to indulge our inner demons.

Dank memes