Day Care Nursery Myths Debunked

Day care nurseries have been there for decades, but still many parents shy away from sending their kids to one.

This is largely due to the myths surrounding daycare centers. According to reports, 15% children under the age of 5 go to a daycare center, while 13% go to nursery schools or head start. Shockingly, 38% children under the age of 5 are said to have no proper care, and this is a matter of concern.

Experts at Little Hands Little Feet day nusery in Belfast believe that this is largely due to myths, and there is a dire need to debunk them.

These myths cause a lot of parents to get misguided and stop them from sending their kids to these centers.

If you wish to learn the truth and secure your kid’s future then you need to learn about these day care nursery myths:

Kids Become Less Attached To Their Parents

Many people think that sending their kids to daycare centers causes children to drift away from their loved ones. This is nothing but a myth.

In fact, it’s actually the opposite. In most cases, kids come closer to their parents and loved ones when they go to a daycare center.

This is because when they learn new things, they want to share them with others, and who better than friends and family back home.

Kids only become less attached to parents when all parents care about is work. Parents need to spend time with their children and know more about their lives.

Kids Are Served Unhealthy Food

This concern makes sense, but nobody seems to know why it is their in the first place.

There are laws and organizations governing daycare centers to make sure that healthy food is served to all the children.

You do not have to worry about this factor as most daycare centers have specially developed menus to make sure all the children get their required nutrients.

Daycare Centers Don’t Give Individual Attention To Kids

Once again, this is nothing but a myth. Yes, there are more students than teachers, but the teachers are well trained to handle a group of students.

You just need to make sure to find a daycare center with a well-trained staff and you will not have to worry about this factor.

Plus, daycare centers are supposed to teach your child to be comfortable in a new space and within himself and herself, and this is possible only when your child gets to spend some time alone, so a lack of attention can be a good thing.

However, you do not have to worry about your child’s safety since there are cameras and eyes on all the children at all hours.

A Day Care Nursery Is Bad If Your Kid Is Not Becoming A Genius

Daycare centers are there to groom your child, but they cannot turn your baby into a genius overnight. The process takes time, and you need to be patient.

Talk to your child about what he or she has learnt to see the growth.


These myths contribute in misguiding many parents. Make sure you’re a smart parent and know what’s right and wrong about daycare nurseries.