Do You Suspect Your Man May Be Cheating?

While many women are keen to feel secure and safe in their long-term relationship or marriage, there are many that come to suspect their man may be cheating on them. Sometimes, this is because of things that have happened or have been said. Other times, it may just be a gut feeling. Either way, being stuck in limbo and not knowing one way or the other can be a nightmare.

Of course, most women do not want to discover their partner has been playing away. However, if you suspect there is something going on, it is best to find out rather than being kept in the dark and losing all trust in him. This is why it is worth familiarising yourself with some behaviours that may indicate he is up to no good.

Some Signs to Look Out For

There are a number of signs you can look out for if you suspect your man is having an affair. Of course, these signs do not mean that he is definitely playing away but they could help you to come to a conclusion. For instance, is your man being especially generous for no apparent reason? Is he turning up out of the blue with beautiful flowers, boxes of chocolate, or even fine jewellery from the likes of Love & Promise Jewelers? If this is the case, it may be a sign of guilt because he feels bad about what he has done or may still be doing.

Another sign to look out for is a sudden loss of interest in all intimacy. You should remember that there are many reasons why a man may suddenly go off sex, so don’t assume that this is down to him having an affair. However, if your partner loses all interest in intimacy as well as actions such as kisses, cuddles, and saying ‘I love you’, this could be a sign that his attention in this department has been diverted elsewhere.

One other thing to bear in mind is that cheating partners often turn to social media in order to make contact with the other party. Therefore, watching out for any changes in social media usage can be useful. For instance, perhaps your partner has changed his password recently to one that you don’t know. Maybe he uses social media but never does it from a position where you can see the screen of the device. You may even find that he goes on social media and then shuts off the device or closes the laptop when you come into the room.

Be careful, because at some point he might start talking about another woman. Perhaps a new co-worker seems to be in his mind more than she should be. He might also find his way back to work when there’s really no reason to go there. He talks a lot about her when you are at home, and she somehow finds her place in his stories. If your significant other is so preoccupied with someone else and it seems that he cannot stop talking about her, then this is a sign you should not ignore.

Another sign appears when he starts accusing you of cheating. You may not believe this, but some husbands that are an unfaithful cheat because they are afraid their partner might be cheating on them. They simply decide to do it first, and their decision is entirely based on their insecurities and fear of abandonment.

Suddenly, he starts to respond to your question with one word. He does not seem to be interested in what you have to say, and he does not want to answer your questions, either. You might get answers such as “fine,” or “okay,” or “yes” and this is a sign that your relationship is deteriorating. He does not seem eager to talk to you about his day (or your day, as a matter of fact) anymore, as he used to be.

He starts all the fights. He will suddenly start to see all of your flaws. He will argue with you about little, insignificant things, like how you unpack the dishwasher.

Communicating with Your Partner

While some women feel their partners would never admit to an affair, some men actually do if they are confronted face to face. Therefore, if you still have nagging doubts about your partner, it is worth trying to communicate and openly ask them. While they may not admit it, often you can tell by their awkward actions such as being unable to look you in the eye.