Easy-to-do workout for women for washboard abs

With the sorts of adaptabilities that you get with organizations and new businesses nowadays, one can without much of a stretch discover abundant of time on their hands. Why not use it to tone yourself and show up spectacularly at any occasion or function? The best way to begin a wellness regimen and get great outcomes, is to concentrate on your tummy. It’s the body area where the majority of your body fat gets deposited. Obviously, there are different ways to condition your body like joining a slimming center or contracting a health expert. But, what’s the need to invest on fitness when you can become fit and healthy at home with these simple and effective exercises at home, for free.

There are tons of gadgets and machines that promises perfect washboard abs, but investing on them is tricky. You need to have ample knowledge about the tools before getting one home. However, trying these ab exercises for women is the simplest way to achieve the same results, with equal consistency. Men, find out time for their workouts, but, women, with huge responsibilities have to really squeeze things in their routine to find some time to work out. If you’re one of these, then here are four best ab exercises that can be easily done at home. The only exercise equipment that you need for these exercises is an exercise mat or a carpeted area in your home.

To see the changes much faster you can also incorporate a healthy diet plan like a vegan or gluten free diet. This is a great way to kick out unwanted flab around your belly and bottoms. You can make your own diet chart and see the changes around you. To start with, prepare a good food plan that focuses on a large, healthy breakfast, a filling lunch, and snack like dinner. The breakfast could consist of items like soy milk, chopped nuts, and dried fruits. Include black bean tacos with salsa and sliced avocado in your lunch. You can also utilize tortillas created with highly enriching whole-grain flour. For the dinner, you can try simple tofu stirred fry with lot of broccoli, onions, and garlic dipped in soy sauce. If you’re used to the regular white rice, try brown rice instead. A little costlier, but it is surely good for your health. If you like snacking frequently, then try some smoothie made with fresh fruit juice, you can also mix flax with some homemade popcorn and have it with cheesy-flavored yeast.

Bicycles – Lie down with your back on the floor, with your hips and knees at a 90 degree angle. Try to keep your shoulders and head slightly lifted off the floor and lightly press your palm on the back sides of your head. Begin your exercise by crunching the right side of your upper half and your left knee together at the same time. Then bring yourself back to the original position and repeat the same thing with the opposite elbow and knee, making it appear like you’re riding a bike inverted.

Planks – Another resistance exercise, you can do this by lying face-facing on the floor. Then gently, move your elbows under your shoulders such that your entire body weight is rested on your toes and elbows. Don’t bend your hips down and try to keep you back straight. Keep your breathing normal and remain in that position as longer as you can. The resistance works amazingly on your core, and also improves your body balance.

Mountain Climbers – Imitating the maneuver of a mountain climber, begin this exercise by placing yourself in a push-up position. Keep your core stiff and bring one knee as close to your chest while taking your body down. Push-up then release it back to the starting position. Repeat this with the opposite knee and continue it for desired reps.

Bird Dog – Place your knees and hands on the floor in a kneeling position such that your hands are directly below your shoulders. Imitate a standing position of a dog, then raise your right hand and left leg, so that they are completely parallel with the floor. Keep the posture for few seconds and then bring the opposite hands and knees parallel.

Squatting – This is yet another great form of exercise for women to increase core strength and to cut down the flab. If you squat consistently, not only will the size and strength of your legs expand rapidly, but your core will become epically strong and you will tighten up your abs. A strong core also has other benefits. Your core muscles are the basis of almost every other lift known to man. So if you squat regularly and develop a strong core, you will be able to bench more, curl more, press more, dip more – the list goes on forever.