Eight rules for wearing statement jewelry

A woman’s look is incomplete, be it formal or casual, if it lacks jewels and accessories. Statement jewelry not only brings out the best in the overall look but also enhances the outfit up a few notches. However, the key to wearing the ideal statement jewelry lies in the underlining rules which need to be followed vigorously. Turn your ‘girl from the block look to the ultimate model on the ramp look’ just by adding the real jewels in the right places and avoid the fashion faux pas forever!

Check out the top 8 rules, apply them and be ready to drop jaws!

Rule # 1: Less is Ideal!

We all love bold jewelry items, but is it safe to say that we can exhibit everything simultaneously? Not at all! The rule suggests ‘less is more’ and rightly so. Big, noticeable jewels should be worn correctly so that they can be conspicuous.

The key is never over to crowd the statement jewels in a lock proximity. If you choose to settle on big chandelier earrings, only ditch the necklace. However, if you lay your hands on the statement necklace, forget the earrings entirely. Voila!

Rule # 2: Keeping the Neckline into Perspective

Do our dress necklines matter? Unfortunately, they do! When deciding to wear a prominent statement necklace, always check out the attire’s neckline in advance. If your dress has a v-shaped, u-shaped, strapless or an off the shoulder, consider luck being by your side as your statement necklace will truly stand out and do the talking.

Nevertheless, if your dress has an embroidered or a laced up neckline, it is better to stick to earrings instead of the necklace. Get the picture?

Rule # 3: Makeup Matters!

Believe it or not, your makeup makes up for 50% of your overall look. If your makeup is loud and bright, it is essential to stick to intricate jewelry items instead of gaudy pieces which ruin the first impression. Nonetheless, you can make the most of your makeup by wearing bracelets, anklets, and rings since they won’t be in the immediate proximity of the face.

Rule # 4: Keeping it effortless

Have you ever seen how a canvas is white and perfect before the artist adds colors to it to make it appear striking? Consider your dresses as backdrops and paintings for your statement jewelry to look attention-grabbing at first sight. If you have busy patterns and motifs running up and down your clothes, forget the fact that your jewelry will ever get a chance to be highlighted. However, if your silky red dress is strapless and gorgeous, don’t disregard to pair it with a prominent silver statement necklace!

Rule # 5: Sense of balance represents Poise!

Balance is the elucidation everyone requires. While a balanced lifestyle is essential, so is when wearing jewelry! Overdoing the jewelry bit will cause an adverse effect instead of what you will be expecting. Create a balance when deciding on jewels, outfits, shoes, and accessories. Believe it or not, all of these things go hand in hand.

If you get your hands on a long, dangling statement necklace, I’d rather advise you not to pair it with a beautiful belt!

Rule # 6: The Shape of the Face

Everyone has unique features; hence everyone needs to create a fashion statement of their own. While earrings are the first jewelry items anyone notices while looking directly at your face, it is superlative to wear earrings according to your features, face shape, length, etc.

Rule # 7: Let the Fingers do the Talking!

Why let the fingers stay empty when you can curl them up in beautiful rings? While wearing a bold statement ring, be sure to keep your hands well groomed, manicured and moisturized. After all, every bit counts!

Rule # 8:  Plan-it Vice Versa!

Instead of deciding your jewelry with your outfit, choose your outfit with the jewelry! This way, not only your makeup, hair and accessories will be in place, but your overall look will be by far the best!

Hoping these essential tips did the trick, try them out and witness how your fashion statement changes a paramount!

This article was written by Elena, a mom, entrepreneur and blogger at elenatahora.com