Everything You Need for Your First Family Cruise

Going on a cruise once the pandemic ends? Whether you want to travel for an adventure or you simply want to experience the world outside of photos, your first family cruise will always be exciting.

However, planning and packing for cruises is a different case. The quantity of your stuff and expenses depend on what type of cruise you plan to pick.

Don’t fret, we’ve got some tips to help you out. Here are the things you may need for your first family cruise.

Activity-Appropriate Clothing and Shoes

You have to check your cruise line’s website and see what activities they have onboard and which ones you plan on joining.

Most cruises want you to bring at least one formal attire. It’s often for their “formal night” to celebrate the joy of togetherness with a family cruise.

You can roam around the cruise in your bathing suits, but restaurants and casinos require you to use proper clothes and shoes. If you plan to go to the beach, bring a swimsuit cover-up, shorts, a t-shirt, and your shoes or flip-flops.

Personal Items 

Before you get onboard the cruise, security checks identification for the safety and security of every passenger. You should bring along at least two IDs, like your passport and driver’s license. The same applies if you’ll be bringing along your children.

Do you have special cards for personal health insurance? Do you require a support dog or special assistance due to a disability? Make sure to bring the necessary papers for these conditions.

Extra Bags 

Bring some dry bags to keep your items, likes phones and cameras, to the pool or beach. There are also wet bags that are perfect for storing your wet clothes when you pack them back into your backpack or suitcase. Always have a bag for your laundry too.

First Aid Kit 

You can never be too careful when going on a cruise. You may experience seasickness, some cuts here and there, and indigestion.

Some cruises can sell a kit to you onboard, but they’re more expensive than the usual prices. Pack a small first aid kit with medicine, bandaids, painkillers, ointment, and cotton.


Many cruise liners offer complimentary shampoo and conditioners in the bathroom. They’ll offer bathroom slippers and towels too. However, you can bring your products and things like your skincare products, toothbrush, and makeup.


Cruises usually don’t provide chargers, so bring your charger and a converter. You may need to bring an adapter too. Sometimes, cruise liners have limited outlets and you have to take turns, so you can also bring your portable power bank.

Hand wipes and Sanitizers

Cruise ships are known for being well “magnets for viruses “and well with the recent state of affairs caused by the Coronavirus, it is better to be well armed. This is where having hand wipes and sanitizers comes in. Although most cruise ships have stewards who clean the cabins and also place hand sanitizing stations around, it does not hurt to be extra cautious by having your personal products.

As you move through the cruise ship and touch surfaces, you can make use of your hand wipes and sanitizers to reduce the chance of any virus being stuck to you.

Day Pack

As the cruise ship moves through certain locations, it is highly likely that the ship would pause for guests to play tourist in certain locations or to restock supplies. During such instances, you need a pack which can be filled with necessities as you tour a new location. The pack can be filled with water bottles to quench your thirst, extra battery pack to ensure your communication device stays on and a map if need be to identify your location at all times.


With the constant exposure to the high seas, the cruise ship can definitely get cold. Apart from the high seas, another source of cold would be the air condition units aboard the cruise ship which would be set at temperatures you might not be used to. To avoid getting sick on your holiday, having a sweater or wrap handy to ward off the cold.

Have Fun on Your First Family Cruise 

Try not to forget anything important and make sure everything is complete in your checklist.

Some cruise liners give discounts for things like honeymoons, vacations with family, or having a large group of friends and friends. So get yourself packed up and start your adventure on your first family cruise.

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