Travel Essentials For Your Next Trip Abroad

When traveling to another country, there are certain things that you hardly forget. Examples include your passports, toiletries, phone charger, and medication. In the same vein, there are certain essentials that you may never remember or didn’t even know that you needed.

We will discuss some of these items that we are mostly oblivious about. This way, you can prepare for your next trip abroad better.

Travel essentials that you should never forget

Traveling is not as easy as it used to be, especially when traveling to other countries. COVID-19 has required countries to enforce several travel restrictions. Nonetheless, when you have to travel, there are certain essentials you must never forget.

Extra pack of facemasks

The new normal since early 2020 when the new coronavirus became a global phenomenon is “facemasks.” In some countries, you could be prosecuted for moving around without one. This is why you must take an extra pack of facemasks with you when next you travel.

Remember that you shouldn’t use a facemask more than once. As such, you need as many as you can carry depending on how long you are staying. You may never have the time to go and purchase a new pack at your destination.

Hand sanitizers

Just like facemasks, using hand sanitizers has also become normal these days. You should sanitize your hands at least every hour or when you touch things that don’t belong to you. Since you need to sanitize so often, you cannot depend on just one bottle of hand sanitizer.

Even without the coronavirus, it is just safe to sanitize your hands as frequently as possible in a new country. This helps you to protect yourself from infectious diseases and protect others as well.

A portable purse

We all pack large luggage when traveling abroad. However, we mostly forget that we wouldn’t be going everywhere with that large box. A portable purse comes in handy to help carry around your passport, smartphone, money, and a few important items.

When you think about what a portable purse brings to the table, you’d see it as indispensable. For example, it helps you to engage in fun activities easily without fear of losing your belongings.

Multiple-pocket laptop bag

Sometimes, you need to take some more belongings while moving around at your destination. Such belongings cannot fit into a portable purse. A typical example of when you need a multiple-pocket laptop bag is when you are going hiking or camping.

During such short trips, you need stuff like a water bottle, a camera, a face towel, amongst others. All of these things will not fit into a small purse but will go seamlessly into a laptop bag. You can take it up a notch by choosing a bag that has a USB charging port for your mobile devices. There are even anti-theft and anti-stab bags that will ensure that your belongings are safe all through.

Mobile polaroid printer

One of the things that you must do when you travel abroad is take photos. Take as many photos as you can to ensure that you keep the memories alive. While you can post most of these photos on social media, sometimes, you just want to have a hardcopy.

This is where a mobile polaroid printer comes in handy. Of course, polaroid cameras aren’t as popular as they used to be. But with a mobile polaroid printer, you can easily connect your phone and print pictures directly.

One good thing about these printers is that most of them don’t make use of ink. The technology is amazing and is perfect when you have to share pictures with strangers that you meet.

DSLR Camera

If you are one of those individuals that are old-school or prefer professional photos, this is just what you need. There are several products on the market that fall into this category. Most of them come with very high megapixel rates. Some of these cameras can even film in 4K.

The benefit of this is that you can either freeze memories in time or take motion pictures around. You can always share these memories with members of your family when you get back to base.

Universal Plug Adapter

If you are well-traveled, you will agree that not every country makes use of the kind of plugs in your country. It will be a huge mistake to travel without a universal plug adapter. Without this, you cannot charge your devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

When you don’t charge your smartphone, you could miss out on the amazing deals at NJ Live Casino. Ensure that you purchase a plug adapter that has multiple USB ports. If you can, get an extra adapter just in case.

A power bank

Power banks are very interesting devices that help us to keep other devices powered. This means that you can still have your smartphone on even when you are away from an electric socket. All you need to do is to ensure that the power bank is charged fully and put it in your backpack.

When choosing a power bank, choose one that has sufficient power to charge your devices at least twice. Also, ensure that the power bank is portable to make it easy to carry around. More than anything else, ensure that it presents you with more functionalities than just charging your devices. There are power banks that also serve as entertainment boxes because they come with speakers. Others come with flashlights that improve visibility in the dark.

Chin support travel pillow

If you are going to spending a long time traveling, you need a chin support travel pillow. These items are lifesavers because you may find it difficult to rest your neck without one.

You must always consider your comfort while traveling especially for long hours. Pick one of these travel pillows and enjoy your flights better.


We have discussed a few travel essentials that you must take on your next trip. There are several others depending on where you are going. Share some of yours with us in the comments section below.