5 Offbeat Places To Visit on France-Spain Holiday


The twin nations of France and Spain share a long natural border along with the Pyrenees mountains and are equally popular holiday spots among travelers from across the world. Apart from the usual tourist attractions here, there are some uncharted places which can give a different dimension to your holidays if you are keen to experience something new and offbeat.

Let’s look at 5 places which are far from the maddening crowds in France and Spain.

  • Barcelonnette, Provence, France

When you are on a tours of Provence (France), you will find Barcelonnette, a town which dates back to the 13th century. The long pedestrian walkway lined with mountains on both the sides offers a serene aspect to this place. Don’t miss the sundials on some of the old buildings when you are out on a walk, and also the towers belonging to the 16th century. The cemetery is also a must visit. It has huge tombstones created from local and Italian marbles. The town has many markets, shops and cafes to give it a vibrant, lively and old world feel.

  • Castle of Chantilly, Paris, France

The French capital is renowned for its close proximity to some of the most alluring fairytale castles and the castle of Chantilly is definitely the most noteworthy in the list. Located just an hour away from Paris, this royal abode was built in the 1500s and one more wing was added to it in the 1800s. You can also visit the Conde Museum which is the biggest in the world after The Louvre of Paris. Walk around the vast estate which surrounds the castle and is spread over an area of more than 7000 hectares. Everywhere you see, you will find a piece of impressive artwork with some intriguing tale behind it!

  • Avignon, France

Famous as being the seat of the Catholic church in the 14th century, this city in France is renowned for Palais des Papes which is the largest Gothic structure of the world. You will find many old Renaissance style buildings here which are now UNESCO world heritage sites. There is a plethora of art and history museums which are a treat to the enthralling minds. The main square in the centre of the town is where public performances and theatre festivals are hosted.

  • Rio Frio, Granada, Spain

Located in the south of Spain, this tiny hamlet is slowly making its presence felt among  holidaymakers. The region is known for its fish farms and for producing the first organic caviar in the world. A place which is just perfect for a few days of tranquil and peace along with some amazing gastronomical delights on offer to satiate your taste buds.

  • The City of Figueres, Barcelona, Spain

A small town located just two hours away from Barcelona, the city of Figueres is known for the theatre museum by Salvador Dali. The museum houses some of the most surreal objects from across the world, collected by its founder who passed away in 1989. Some of the noteworthy collections include the huge eggs, transparent dome and bread on a facade. Other than this interesting museum, Figueres also has vast fields of lovely sunflower plantations stretching for miles.

The two nations, France and Spain, are connected by many routes but the most convenient way would be to take a train from Barcelona to Paris which is both economical and time-saving. You are guaranteed to have an amazing holiday to France and Spain with the aforesaid list of places to tick off your checklist. So what’re you waiting for!