Top Family Travel Tips for a visit to Tanzania

Like many African countries, Tanzania is continually looking to diversify its economy and reduce its historic reliance on natural resources.

Tourism is a key driver of this and it’s grown to account for 14% of the nation’s GDP as recently as 2016 as more and more couples, solo travellers and families head to the nation.

This is  even expected to rise incrementally and by 6.6% annually over the course of the next 10 years, while generating more than one million jobs nationwide.

If you’re one of the thousands of travellers considering a trip to Tanzania with your children, however, you’ll need to adopt a studious approach if you’re to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

With this in mind, here are some travel tips to help you on your way: 

Try to Pick up the Lingo 

While the guides at most safari locations are known to speak excellent English, the same cannot be said for most of the local population.

In fact, most locals speak almost exclusively in the language of Swahili, and it’s almost impossible to navigate your way around the area unless you at least have a basic grasp of this dialect.

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to pick up this language as words are often pronounced precisely as they’re spelt. So, with a little effort and studying, you can learn how to hold basic conversations in Swahili and make you trip a great deal easier in the process.

To guide your learning, ask some experts about the key words that you’ll need to converse and be sure to prioritise these. Even teach the kids a few emergency phrases should they ever encounter any trouble.

Check out the Airports

Arusha is one of the main cities in Tanzania, while its also located in the north of the region that is home to two airports.

These are Arusha Airports and Kilimanjaro Airport, and if you book a Tanzania family safari holidays with a trusted agent you will arrive at one of these destinations.

You’ll most likely land at Kilimanjaro Airport, however, as this is used primarily for international flights and is just an hour from the city. Conversely, Arusha Airport is mainly used for internal flights, although it’s located closer to the main tourist hub.

This is an important piece of knowledge, as it helps when selecting your preferred accommodation and booking your airport transfers.

Be Sure to Review the Tour Inclusions when Booking 

Some holidays are better when you plan and book them independently, but this rule does not apply to Tanzanian safaris.

Even when you’re booking a safari package through a trusted provider you’ll need to carefully review the inclusions and exclusions featured in the small print.

This will create a clear distinction between complimentary services and additional activities that take place off-site, which is important as the latter often requires special permits and will be charged separately by operators. This way, you can plan the finances of your trip in fine detail and ensure that you’re operating within your budget.

If you’re unsure about any inclusions or exclusions, remember to be proactive and chat openly to your service provider before you book. If you have specific activities in mind, especially for the children, reference this directly and see if your consultant can include it at a discounted rate.