What to Expect When Moving to Austin this Summer

You’re relocating to Austin! You just received your acceptance email for that dream job you’ve been chasing for years. Finally your career is moving on up and everything is beginning to make sense! This big step forward comes with something new—a relocation to Austin, Texas. The prospect of moving to a new city might make you a little queasy, but there’s so much to look forward to in a growing metropolis like Austin. About 50 people move to Austin every day, and there are lots of attractions, sights, and sounds that make Austin a wonderful place to live.

  1. History and stats:

Austin is the capital of Texas with a population of over 900,000. It was initially named Waterloo before its name was changed to Austin. It’s the fastest growing US city and the second most populous capital city. It’s largely regarded as the second safest major city in the US.

  1. The fun:

Music: Due to the plethora of musicians and live music venues all around the city, Austin is a hotbed for rock music and holds the unofficial title as the Live Music capital of the world. The city hosts a number of internationally renowned music festivals like Austin City Limits and South by Southwest (SXSW).

Lots of Food: Austin is home to the Whole Foods market, one of the most famous natural food grocery stores in the US. Breakfast tacos are a big thing in Austin, and you can get your fix at Tacodeli, Juan in a Million, or Torchy’s Tacos. Other important food staples worth mentioning include Tex mex and margaritas (which you can get at El Rancho, Trudy’s, and Vivo) barbecue (go to Franklin and The Salt Lick for the best in town). Austin is also regarded as a food trailer’s heaven and is ranked as one of the top ten cities with food trailers.

Parks: There are 250 parks in the city! Zilker park, one of the city’s most famous, is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists and is known for its relaxation and leisurely atmosphere. It’s home to Barton Springs, a naturally-fed swimming pool.

The Lake: Town Lake, also known as Lady Bird Lake, is quite the sight in Austin. This body of water might not be crystal clear clean but the beauty and imagery of the lake is very attractive.

  1. The not so fun:

Population: The population in Austin is rapidly rising and is one of the fastest growing cities in US. This puts a lot of pressure on public infrastructures and facilities and is making the city increasingly expensive.

Transport system: The transport system in Austin is not as reliable as other equally-sized cities due to the demand from an increasing population. It’s advisable to own a car when moving to Austin as the transport system is not exactly ideal. However, traffic jams are the order of the day for anyone with a commute. It’s just something all residents must get used to.

Weather: The weather in Austin is hot, hot, hot. This region of Texas has very long, hot, dry summers and has been described as a subtropical climate.

  1. Getting a home in Austin:

With the rising population, homes are becoming expensive to purchase. The average rent in Austin is $1,044 monthly, and to own a home you need an average of $262,000. To make your relocation a stress-free affair, secure the services of relocation experts like ZH Custom Homes. They’re experts in remodeling and can help customize your new home to your fit your tastes.

Make your move to Austin a fun one!