Express Yourself: The Most Popular Hobbies of Modern Women

Women are unique creatures, as they experience not only traditionally female hobbies, but also encroach on male activities. If you are in search of yourself and are thinking, which hobby to choose, then there are plenty of interesting opportunities and discoveries ahead! The hobby includes everything that brings pleasure: collecting, growing plants, making music, dancing, learning foreign languages, composing poems, and horoscopes. Traditionally, all kinds of handicrafts are related to women’s hobbies: sewing, embroidery, macramé, knitting, cooking, etc. Hobbies help to relax after hard physical work, relieve stress, help to entertain yourself in the absence of friends and husband.

It is considered that a hobby is an occupation that does not bring income. Indeed, women’s hobbies are created for pleasure, but it is often an activity that brings a good additional income! As far as handmade things become a trend, this occupation started to make a significant profit. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with women repairing cars, playing popular games or visiting casino online. Therefore, making money from what you love is on the Top of our brave expectations.

In search of a suitable hobby, many ladies do not know what occupation to choose and how to start. First, go back in your minds to your childhood and answer the following questions: what did you like most of all?  If you still hesitating, then check the trendy hobbies of 2019 and try it out.


«Fitness is my number one hobby. I like movement and exercise. I usually have five workouts a week: two workouts in the gym, one stretching and two lessons in the dance hall. I do not get tired because I like what I do. I always have a good mood after an intense workout», – says Alexandra.

You do not like sport? So, you did not find your type of activity! Try something new, for example, surfing, parachuting, pilates, yoga, cross fit, etc. Dancing is one of the least harmful kinds of sports. One of the main advantages of dancers is the ideal posture and a beautiful pace. No matter how old you are, you can start dancing anytime.


Handmade things are becoming increasingly popular, and it is not perceived as the hobby of bored housewives anymore. Nowadays, handmade is a new sphere of freelance, capable to generate a good income. Handmade handbags, pillows, followed by embroidery, will help to decorate the interior of your home and will be a wonderful gift for relatives. Such things can be exhibited during fairs that take place in your city or village.

Handmade has a lot of significant advantages:

  • It contributes to creative self-realization of the individual:
  • Arts and crafts promote the development of thinking and fine motor skills;
  • The work could be done from anywhere in the world.

Start from “kanzashi” technique or try yourself in felting: it will bring you joy and satisfaction.

However, if you are looking for something really special then put your attention to the following.



Customizing is an alteration of clothes. Customizers change jeans into skirts, shirts into dresses, and ordinary T-shirts turn into designer ones. This hobby is for those who want always to be on the style, but is not ready to spend a lot of money on clothes.

Today, customizing are chosen by those who advocate a reasonable limitation of mass consumption, and also want to get out of the influence of fashionable stereotypes and stand out from the crowd. Numerous master classes offer everyone to gain the practical techniques of clothing alteration, while online services offer to create an exclusive thing with the hands of professionals in just a few minutes. Today such brands as Topshop or Marks & Spencer began to recycle unsold clothing for recycling. Moreover, H&M announced that it would take their old stuff for alterations in all stores of the world.


Probably everyone wants to travel around the planet: see elephants and kangaroos, breathe the air of the African savannah or conquer snowy peaks. The problem with expensive tickets can be solved by European services, which will take care of travel expenses, accommodation, and food. Volunteering, allows young people from anywhere in the world to go abroad almost for free.

Such kind of traveling is suitable for people who are not indifferent to the global problems of mankind: low literacy in Africa and Asia, poor ecology, extinction of wild animals. Sometimes you will be asked to do some intellectual tasks, such as teaching children foreign languages, cross-culture activities, arranging tourist routes, helping birds and animals, etc. Volunteer activities are multifaceted. This is not only work in national parks and at cultural events, but also helping orphans or homeless animals. You can choose the sphere of volunteering and every day through good deeds get a portion of new knowledge, experience, and love.


Blogging helps to organize the thoughts and to get rid of superfluous minds. Blogging makes you think about your achievements and life in general. After writing the article, you start to think like a reader and look at what you wrote from another point of view.

In general, blogging can be combined with any hobby and even help to make money on it. Find a hobby and start describing why you chose this particular occupation, what problems you face, what choice you make in a difficult situation in the blog.

Some fashionable hobbies of women successfully borrowed from men. Modern ladies love sport, love motorcycles and cars, enjoy hiking and go down steep slopes. Today, none is surprised to meet a girl with a fishing rod – fishing has long been a universal rest, from which the ladies return with a catch that evokes men’s envy.

Mastering a new hobby is an interesting adventure. If the process is not pleasant or annoying, then you need to switch to something else, something that will bring pleasure. We wish you always to stay in a good mood with a help of a good hobby!