Feeling Fatigued? Check Out These Essential Oils To Get Moving Again!

Fatigue and exhaustion may overwhelm you when you least expect it. You may have been pushing yourself without taking care of your physical and mental needs. When this happens, essential oils may help. Several essential oils can be used to treat fatigue and help you become active again. It helps to know the cause of your fatigue. For example, is it from stress at work or school, financial problems or other lifestyle causes? It is estimated that 40 percent of people with exhaustion developed it because of lifestyle issues that can be changed. While you work on addressing the cause, take some time to breathe in the aroma of several essential oils that may help you feel renewed and rested. Here are a few of the most popular and effective.


Eucalyptus oil treats fatigue in several ways. It stimulates the mind and helps you focus. If your fatigue is caused by chronic rheumatic pain, eucalyptus oil may be your best option. It can be applied on the body according to instructions and may help reduce body pain, which will naturally make you feel better and like moving again. There are several types of eucalyptus oil and the most popular is oil from the Blue Mallee tree that has the highest content of eucalyptol and cineol.


Basil oil stimulates the mind and brings about clarity of thought. It sharpens the senses and aids concentration. It is considered one of the best oils for depression because it has an uplifting effect. Basil has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. It has a fresh fragrance that may be energizing and is commonly used in aromatherapy.


Rosemary is very stimulating. It may help clear the head and aid memory making you feel more alert. The fresh, herbal aroma may help you overcome lethargy. It is so stimulating, it is recommended not to be used within six hours before bedtime and when you do use it, only use small to moderate amounts. There are two main types, Spanish and Moroccan. You should avoid Rosemary essential oil if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or have epilepsy.


Peppermint is a very strong oil with a cooling effect. Its clean aroma may uplift and help you feel refreshed. However, if you take homeopathic medicine, you should avoid peppermint oil because it may counteract the effects of the medicine.


Geranium essential oil is considered an emotional balancer. It helps depression and anxiety and may be very useful for those with chronic fatigue. It relieves stress, especially mental stress and may balance the hormonal system, which may be helpful for women who have difficult menstruation periods. It is also slightly stimulating and it is not advised to use it two to three hours before bedtime.


Bergamot has a sweet, fruity scent and is made from the bitter fruit of the Bergamot evergreen citrus tree. It is considered a powerful oil for uplifting moods, increasing the sense of humor and removing anxiety, nervous tension, stress and sadness. It may also improve mental clarity and alertness. If you feel too fatigued to sleep, Bergamot may be a good option as it promotes sleep while relieving stress.

You only need to smell the fragrances of these oils to get the benefit. You can use a moistened tissue or cotton ball in a small plastic bag, a diffusor or smell then right out of the bottle. Each oil may have dilution instructions that you should follow. If you need medical care, you should get it, but essential oils may be a big help when you feel overwhelmed with exhaustion and fatigue.