Four Ways to Adrenalize in Isolation

Lockdown has well and truly put a stop to just about all of our plans. Concerts, festivals, summer fairs, school events – you name it – it’s postponed “indefinitely” right now. At day 5,764 (or whatever the real number is), it’s understandable that you’d be starting to feel a little restless.

Many of us positively thrive off a good old adrenaline release. Before this undetermined period of isolation, there were all kinds of ways to get your heart racing. You might have been into action sports, hiking, working out at the gym, or doing some other kind of physical activity. The current movement restrictions in place around the world have made most of these impossible.

With traditional options to adrenalize out of the question, we’re forced to get creative. Whilst these four suggestions certainly won’t give you a bungee-jumping rush, they might be enough to make you feel alive when you’re suffering a bit of a lockdown low.

Hit the (Home) Gym

Obviously one of the best ways to get your pulse racing and experience a sweet release of endorphins is to work out. Now, before you object and claim you don’t have a home gym. Let’s stop you right there. If you’ve at least your own height by around four feet of floor space, you do indeed have a home gym.

There are literally hundreds of exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home. If you have a decent sized garden, there are probably thousands. However, given that not everyone has a lot of space, let’s focus on those you can do in a reasonable sized apparent.

Squats, press-ups, leg-lifts, crunches, sit-ups, planks, burpees, and loads more are all amongst the best exercises you can do without equipment. Although you don’t need any weights or machines, a yoga mat would certainly make your workout more comfortable. It’s not essential though.

Get into a routine. At the same time each day, set aside 30 minutes for exercise. Start slow if you’re not already a gym bunny and don’t be afraid to make exercises easier. You’ll find that many YouTube home workout videos offer tips to make routines both easier and more challenging. Don’t overdo it (particularly at first) but don’t give yourself an easy ride either. If you really want to get that adrenaline pumping, you’re going to have to work for it!

Take a Cold Shower

A cold shower is a great way to get something like an adrenaline rush. Whilst you might not actually be forcing the body to produce adrenaline itself, the shock to the system will likely cause an increase in alertness and a general feeling of reduced fatigue.

If you’ve ever been in an ice bath, you’ll know that exposing the body to very cold water can be great for the muscles. For this reason, we recommend going for the cold shower immediately after a particular strenuous home gym session.

Try Your Luck at an Online Casino

Gambling can produce a feeling much like that of adrenaline. If you’ve ever hit more than three numbers on the national lottery or looked down to discover you only need one number to complete your full house at the bingo hall, you’ll know this all too well.

Although going out to pick up scratch cards, lottery tickets, or for a trip to the bingo hall, isn’t advisable right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t tap this resource for a cheap (or even free) thrill. Online casinos are more than happy to welcome new customers and they regularly do so by running promotions that reward free spins or bonus money just for registering.

These so-called no deposit free spins promotions are 100% free and offer a legitimate opportunity to win real money. All you need to do is choose a casino running one, make an account, and start playing. If playing with the casino’s money gives you a taste for it, you can always increase the thrills by depositing your own too.

Hit Up Your Crush

Working out at home or jumping in the shower are hardly the most daring and adrenalizing things in the world. They will get your blood pumping and provoke a physical reaction in terms of your mental state though. We’re trying to make the most of a bad situation here!

Gambling is more likely to result in a rush but, by the same token, could also be disastrous for your finances. For our final recommendation, we’re going for the absolute nuclear option – the unsolicited message or call to your crush. Forget parachuting and diving with great whites, this could be the thrill you’re really looking for.

It’s scary and waiting for a reply (if one ever does come) is probably going to be thrilling in and of itself but it could also yield some big results. The conversation might evolve into a steamy lockdown love interest. Alternatively, you might get the brush off. They weren’t worth your time anyway in that case!

You’re the Hero Right Now Anyway!

Deep into this lockdown thing, you’re probably feeling pretty useless and like you’ve not had a thrill in weeks. Granted, these suggestions probably don’t compare to what normally gets your pulse going but staying in is the heroic thing to do. There might never be another time when your binge-watching Netflix at home is going to have such a profound impact on the world. Embrace it!