Fun Friend Challenge Ideas

How often do you engage in crazy activities with your friends? If your answer is not enough, perhaps you should start having more fun instead of boring yourselves to death.

If your buddies are willing to take a challenge and distance themselves from mobiles and other gadgets for a while, you can have a whale of a time by doing fun activities together. Some of the activities require eating and drinking certain foods and beverages within a given timeframe, whereas others test your memory or laughing capacity.

If you can’t come up with any ideas, you should look for some online.

Have a look at the following friend challenge ideas to get inspiration.

The alphabet challenge

One of the favorites to try with your friends on road trips is the alphabet challenge. You should decide which participant is supposed to select a topic, such as sitcoms or romantic movies, and the other participants should take turns to pick a word that fits the topic on every letter of the alphabet.

For instance, if the chosen topic is sitcoms, the first participant could say “Arrested Development,” the next player can say “Big Mouth,” and etc., until a player fails to think of one. Participants are assigned points for each correct answer, and the winner is the person who has earned the most points throughout the game.

Pickle challenge

Another type of challenge that friends are advised to try when feeling bored is the pickle challenge. Individuals who adore pickles will look forward to the activity, while those who find pickles too sour will find it impossible to even participate. It can get disgusting, but the point is to have loads of fun while doing it.

The rules are straightforward and easy to follow. You and your buddies are expected to complete eating a jar of pickles in less than fifteen minutes. The person who finishes the jar first or whoever eats the most pickles within the given timeframe is the winner. Click here to learn whether pickles are good for your health.

Try not to laugh challenge

Another fun activity to enjoy with your friends is the try not to laugh challenge. The purpose of this activity is indicated in the name. Participants aren’t supposed to laugh or smile while the others do their best to make them laugh.


Moreover, this activity requires plenty of creativity and spontaneity on the part of players. You can even take the game to the next level by keeping some water in the mouth, which makes the activity funnier and more challenging. People who laugh easily would definitely struggle to keep their mouths closed.

The gallon milk challenge

This activity requires friends to drink a gallon of milk in less than an hour without vomiting. Each participant should be provided with a bottle of milk and start drinking it at the time the clock starts ticking. Even though an hour might seem like enough time to digest a gallon of milk, your body might not agree with you.

According to science, drinking such a large amount of milk in an hour is virtually impossible, as the body isn’t designed to digest that amount in such a short time. Follow this link,, to learn why chugging a gallon of milk is nearly impossible.

Memory game

A classic but still fun activity to enjoy in the company of friends is the memory game. The rules are simple to follow, as you need to arrange a table with small everyday items and allow your friends to see the items for no longer than ten seconds.

Once the time runs out, you should cover the items on the table and ask every player to list all the objects he/she saw. If they list a wrong item, there should be some sort of punishment, such as drinking a shot of vodka or another alcoholic beverage. Nevertheless, after taking a couple of alcohol shots, your memory might not be as fresh as it used to be in the beginning.

The cinnamon challenge

Another popular group activity enjoyed by friends is the cinnamon challenge. Most people have probably heard of this activity, as it’s not only fun but also challenging to complete. Each participant should consume a full tablespoon of cinnamon without drinking any beverage to wash it down in a one-minute period.

Due to the dryness of cinnamon, the saliva inside your mouth would be immediately eliminated, which makes the spice literally impossible to swallow. You would probably end up coughing and reaching for a glass of water. Therefore, it’s important to keep a bottle of water close to you in an alarming situation.

A final note

Spending time with friends is precious.

Make sure to create fun, unforgettable moments to cherish for a long time!