131 Hilarious Memes You Would Absolutely Love

Life can get challenging at times, and we are often faced with problems. Sometimes, we forget how beautiful life is. We forget to smile. But thanks to the funny memes, we find so many reasons to smile and laugh.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Funny Memes

Though funny memes are popular in every corner of the world, there are still people who are new to this source of craziness. Many have questions about memes, and in this post we will discuss a couple of interesting inquiries about funny memes.


Who introduced meme first?

In 1976, a evolutionary biologist named Richard Dawkins introduced the term “meme”. It symbolizes the word “mimema”, which is actually a Greek word meaning “something imitated”.



What is meme now in our current age?

At the present time, memes are photos or videos that contains jokes, sarcasms, insults, and other forms of speech. Memes are often repeated over and over, with slight variations of the original message. It is a form of visual expression that is spread widely in the internet, particularly in social media.


Why are funny memes popular?

Funny memes are intended to make viewers laugh. They mostly consist of funny distorted images that are making people smile on their own. And when paired with funny quotes, jokes, expressions, or any type of witty texts, funny memes becomes hilariously laughable.


How are funny memes circulated?

The modern world is filled with various means to spread funny memes. You can use social media to share your craft, like in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Viber, LinkedIn, and many more channels. Your followers can then share or repost your funny meme if they like it. And the more internet users love your funny meme, the more shares or repost you get. Until your creation becomes popular like other funny memes in the web.


What are ‘face-caption’ memes?

The face-caption memes are funny memes that uses faces of people, particularly celebrities and famous people. These memes typically contains racism, sarcasm, cheekiness, and rudeness. They are often created to provide insults, but they are made in a way that makes the whole meme funny.

How popular are funny memes?

Funny memes are very popular to the point that there is not even a small indication that people will stop creating and sharing them online. This kind of meme goes viral all the time, no matter how many times a photo has been used and the texts altered.

Why do people love funny memes?

People love funny memes because they act as a bridge for individuals who may not know each other online, but they share things in common. Funny memes usually have certain categories that interests a group of people. And most of the time, funny memes connects users who are bored, sad, and just looking for ways to bring laughter in their lives. The scandalous nature of funny memes makes people smile and laugh, since they can either relate or they share in the joke


How do you spot a funny meme?

A genuine funny meme is actually a meme that has gained a lot of popularity online. There should be a proof of evolution, where the meme was transitioned into different versions for a long period of time. A meme is something where many people have participated in the transformation. Most of the time, when you see a funny meme online, you can relate it to the previous memes that you’ve seen. And just like that, you know where the meme came from.


Can funny memes be used for brand marketing?

Yes. Funny memes are usually optimized by marketers to advertise their brand and create social awareness about their products. The popularity of memes are beneficial for marketers, as long as they know how to strategize properly. What marketers should know is not using meme the right way can hurt their brand.


What are the benefits of funny memes?

  • Funny memes can drive organic traffic to your website.
  • They can add visibility to your Business Page or social media accounts.
  • Your social media accounts can gain more likes.
  • They lift sad spirits.
  • Funny memes can be used to promote a brand or product or services.
  • They unite people with the same interests.



How to create your own funny meme using your photo

You have obviously been exposed to hundreds of funny memes online. And like millions of internet users, you simply love the funny memes. In fact, you are highly interested in creating your own meme using your own image. And the good news is, you can make your own funny meme. It is not hard to do, especially with a lot of help you can get from online.



Choose a meme generator

Creating a new meme is made simpler by using a meme generator. There are a couple of meme creators that you can choose from, like imgflip.com, kapwing.com, makeameme.org, iloveimg.com, sparkadobe.com, canva.com, imgur.com, and Google meme creator apps. Select one that you are comfortable of using. Or, you can even try out all of them and see which one you like most.



Take a photo

The photo that you will use for your meme is vital to the success of your funny meme. Know what you want to create first and then take photos of yourself in silly or wacky poses. You can ask assistance from a friend to capture some complex photos, or simply to direct what to do. Your photos may have your faces in different moods like sad, surprised, crying, hurt, happy, distorted facial expressions, and more. Play with your poses and facial expressions, and choose which photo is best for your meme.

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Upload your photo

Open your chosen meme generator, and get started with your work. Upload your photo on the canvas, but make sure that your file follows the image requirements of the site. You have the option to change the size of the canvas, modify the background color, and crop your photo.



Resize and arrange photo

After you have chosen the appropriate background for your meme, you can now resize and re-arrange your photos accordingly. Remember that more than one photo is ideal for any funny meme. So when you have resized your images, you can now proceed to arranging them. You have the option to put photos on top of each other, or arrange them side by side, or make an overlay. There is a choice to rotate the images, or put them in your preferred position. Once your photos are properly arranged, you can add watermarks, shapes, or logos.



Add text

A funny meme is not considered one if you will not add a witty and hilarious text on your photos. Simply use the “Add text” button in the toolbar and write your catchy lines. There are a lot of things that you can do to make the text more interesting. You can change the font, add a black or white text outline, modify the text color, make the size smaller or larger, and many more.



Manage the meme appearance

The meme generator provides you to option to manage how your funny meme appears like. You can add rounded corners, add emojis or shapes, utilize filters and blurs, and many more. Play around the tool section in order to find out more ways that you enhance your meme.



Publish and share your new funny meme

When you are completely satisfied with your new funny meme, hit the “Publish” button. The meme generator will process your meme, and once done, you can download it. And then share your meme to your social media accounts or upload it to your website.



Tips for creating a funny meme

Funny memes evolve and they gain popularity when people get involved in their growth. Let us look at some tips to create your own funny meme.


Funny meme understanding

It is best to understand the kind of funny meme you want to create, and what the meme implies. Though memes are usually rude, sarcastic, and insulting, you should avoid creating context that is too offensive. You would want your meme to make people laugh, and not anger your audience.



Keep updated with the latest memes

Stay on top of the latest funny memes. If you want to create a successful meme, make sure that you know what’s trending, what’s currently popular, and what’s most likely to get a lot of internet attention. Choose your funny meme carefully. This is especially crucial when you are using funny memes to promote your brand.

Consider your target audience

Before you go and create a new funny meme, you must study your target audience. Learn how to make them interested enough to patronize your meme by understanding the trend. This method is particularly significant when you are promoting your brand. There must be a clear connection between your funny meme and what you are selling in order for this marketing plot to work.



Relatable funny meme

Make sure that your funny meme is something that people can relate to. The context of the meme must gear towards current events, informative sarcasm with a touch or rudeness. It needs to be a meme that will not just be glanced at and forgotten. And to achieve your goal, make a funny meme that is funny yet contains substance. In short, make a meme that makes sense to your target audience.

And if you are in the marketing industry, ensure that your funny meme surrounds around your brand. If you post unrelated contents, your efforts at marketing will surely come to a failure. You must use a tone that attracts your target buyers. A funny meme that is quite witty and funny.



Memejacking rule

When you thought about memejacking, you should keep the original format of the meme. Follow the same style, fonts, and basically all the components of the inspiration meme. Choose to memejack a popular meme that can be relatable to what you want to convey to the world. Otherwise, your funny meme may not click in the internet



Public posting

For your funny memes to go viral, you must post them on public places. Have accounts in all social media channels, especially in Tumblr, Pinterest, and Reddit where internet users usually look for memes.



Keep them short

You have to remember that successful memes are typically short, relatable and witty, with a sense of sarcasm and rudeness. Avoid meme texts that are long, since long captions often lose their charm and meaning. Always keep your memes short and funny.



Choose your fonts wisely

No internet user likes to squint on reading meme captions. Make sure that you choose the most suitable font for your texts, and keep them large enough to be clearly read.



Ways to spread your funny memes

Funny memes are incredible visual contents that are mostly created to market a brand, use in political campaigns, attract website traffic, and simply to make people laugh. But, whatever your reasons are for creating funny memes, your goal mainly is to spread your meme and gain attention. And for you to fulfill your goals, there are ways that you can follow to create awareness of your funny memes.



Social media

Without a shred of doubt, posting your funny memes in social media is the best way to expose your memes. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and other are the perfect channel to upload your new memes. Your friends online can see your creation, and they will likely share, re-tweet, or repost your funny memes for support. Don’t forget to include a brief and witty description of your funny memes to spark interest in your audience.



Website visual content

Utilize your funny memes to gain genuine traffic to your website. Write an interesting blog that relates to your chosen niche, and use your memes as visual contents. Most of the time, funny memes are the primary reason why internet users visit a website. Optimize your memes to be the source of interest that brings visitors to view your site.

Once you add funny memes to your website, add buttons for social sharing. This allows your visitors to seamlessly share your memes to their social media accounts. And when many people shares your funny memes, then the chances are higher for you to get more site visitors.

However, receiving a lot of traffic in your website counts to zero if your content is not good. Aside from highly interesting and relatable funny memes, make sure to write informative contents that will keep your audience hooked.


Understanding funny memes

Memes are not easy to comprehend. This is mostly, because they’re often an expression of a personal journey, and they depict captions from decades-old movies. Funny memes are easier to understand when they surround around culture, politics, and relationships.

And though many memes are hard to decipher, others are relatable enough to make people laugh. There are even memes where the meanings are hidden so deeply into the caption. And you would need to research previous memes in order to grasp what the creator is trying to say.

However, if you want to create funny memes that is personal to you, you can surely find people who can relate to your experience. Remember that the internet is an extremely wide world. And there will always be those who find your memes funny and interesting.

Sometimes, you may not truly understand what the meme entails. But memes are typically witty and scandalous, and even though you cannot relate, you can’t help laughing.



Funny memes

Funny memes are created to produce humor. But they also come with meanings that often relates to people’s lives.

Let us look at a couple of funny memes to make your day. And check out what they mean.


Hold it!


Whatever you do, never fart beside your crush. That’s a colossal mistake, not to mention embarassing!


Friendly support

Sarcasm comes in many forms. Be careful when flattery comes from a friend.


Drunk mode

Watch yourself when you’re drunk. You may have a tendency to blurt things out loudly and repeatedly.


It is, indeed!

Play dumb with your boss or teacher and don’t let your mistakes let you down. But don’t be late again, okay?


Go then!

Well, being a douche bag has its advantages.


Better make her happy

When the wife is happy, life is peaceful. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the husband is genuinely agreeable.


Watch your words!

Men often say things without thinking. But everything is recorded in the women’s brain. So be careful with your lies and excuses dude!


Death in the family

Put on a brave face and work harder so can finally make your grandpa happy. And don’t be late for the funeral.


There is always something

When life throws painful experiences, there is always a reason why.


Who’s at fault?

Always know who messed up your. Come to terms with it, and move on.


Naughty thoughts

Need to lose fats but a bit embarrassed to workout? Simple solution. Go to the gym when the population is scarce.


Rare occurrence

There are things that you do rarely but you savor each moment when it happens.


Normal day

It’s quite normal for husbands to listen in one ear and pass the information through the other ear. Men, you need to work hard on listening to your wives.


Oh well! Crazies

Sometimes, men marry crazy women without realizing just how crazy they are!


Do not disturb! Seriously

When someone in night shift sleep in the morning, better not create disturbance. Keep the peace by keeping quiet.


Fake it!

When finances are tough, show the world that you’re doing great! Fake it if you have to, but don’t look like a poor person.


Get my name right!

Many people are very sensitive with their names. Respect other’s name pronunciation as you want other’s to respect your name.


Blame the kiddos

As a parent, you often wonder why you don’t click with your kids. But, as most parents often do, you blame your kids instead of looking at your shortcomings.


No complaints

If you are offered an opportunity, grab it. Hone your skills and advance in your career.


Different wavelength

Sometimes, your thoughts are so out of this world, no one can understand you.


Beyond expectation

When you expect less, you get surprised at how much you get. So celebrate life.


I’m right, brother!

Well, yeah. Okay. I know I’m always right. So suck it up dude!


Be clear or else…

Often, we give abstract instruction without realizing that the other person actively read between the lines. And sometimes misinterprets our meaning.


Stay away!

Having a bad day? Snarl at whoever comes near you. Or simply give them the “eyes”.


Varying expectations

Your expectations may be different from others. Just stick to what you believe in and aim for success.


Even the strong fails

Sometimes, even the strongest people succumbs to their weaknesses.


Just stop!

Just imagine buying dildos that are tested on animals. You’ve got to stop man.


Not Batman, okay?

Batman is definitely not the only hero in town! So stop assuming. When you need help, you accept it from whoever is available.


Perception matters

Be careful on how you perceive things. What you can see may not actually be what it seems.


Taken as a joke!

There are really people who cannot take your troubles seriously. And when this happens, it is better to look for another method to get assistance.


Just keep quiet

When you are dealing with people who simply refuses to understand your point, just keep silent and let the moment pass. Talking about the same again will fall on deaf ears anyway


50% only

This funny meme has another meaning. It conveys that showing half of your personality is best especially when you are dealing with fake people.


So what happens now?

You must always set proper expectation. Never enter into a relationship or career choice without checking your exit strategy.


Dark joke!

This meme is funny to some, but it is revolting to many parents. But for the purpose of being funny, this meme checks some boxes.

Be yourself at home

Most of the time, we create a facade the moment we leave our house. And when get home, we go back to being ourselves again

Hilarious foodie

This meal is best served hot and enjoyed with an empty stomach.


Actors be like!

Who doesn’t love Keanu Reeves? Well, jealous bastards, for one. I mean seriously, this hunk of an actor evolves beautifully. He becomes more and more handsome as years passed. Where’s the justice in that?


Green-minded greens

If you are naturally green-minded, then you will definitely see the humor in this meme.


Wrong doctor!

This funny meme teaches us a lesson to never assume. Just because doctors wear the same white coat does not mean they have the same fields.

What kind of explosives?

It is indeed better to be clear as to what you are asking about. Being vague can land you into a huge misunderstanding


Knock first!

Rule of thumb in every household, dorm room, boarding houses, apartments, and other living structures: Always Knock Before You Enter!

Appreciative girlfriend

When you find a girlfriend that greatly appreciates your dick, hold on to her. You may have a hard time looking for another one.


Been so long, eh?

Well, being celibate is nothing to be ashamed of. Trust me, you’re not the only one missing on on the hot babes.

Feel the power

Never disregard any form of power. Feel it in your bones. Revel in it.


More funny meme examples

Here are more samples of funny memes that are popular in the internet.



Funny memes are significant aspects of people’s lives. They make internet users feel good about their day, make audiences laugh and forget their problems for a moment. And when you want to create your own funny meme, all you have to do is choose a popular meme generator. Don’t forget to share your new meme to your social media accounts, as well as in your website.