Get over a Painful Breakup: 5 Tips to Heal a Broken Heart 

Break up are very painful. They emotionally affect you a lot. Sometimes, a painful break up can lead to social anxiety wherein. You do not wish to go out of the house, meet people around you and much more. A break up has an impact on your physic too. The sobbing, constant thoughts, sadness, anger cumulates and we start feeling terrible about ourselves. My heart is broken, how do I mend it, what is the remedy to combat a heartbreak are some general questions what we tend to ask ourselves while coping with heartbreak. Getting over heartbreak is extremely important to focus on your career, family and social life too. One should try finding a solution to this grave problem and live a normal life.

Here are five tips that can answer:

Give yourself time to heal: It is rightly said, time is the greatest medicine. You can overcome all the obstacles and difficult situations by spacing yourself and allowing the situation to set over a period. You can try yoga for broken heart or other meditation techniques to heal your mental state and it will also help to get your focus back on track.  You should try to get hold of the situation, be agile and not let the emotions overpower yourself.  Rather than thinking about how to heal a broken heart, one should take charge of the situation and be strong. Give time to yourself before hurrying and taking any decision. As time goes you will be in a better frame of mind. Take ample rest and remind your well-intentioned family and friend that you need time to get over the painful breakup.

Be Gentle To Yourself: Be calm and patient. Don’t be hasty try to rebuild your feelings and be strong. Slowly and steadily, your mind and heart will start accepting the situation and recover. Don’t blame yourself for whatever happened. When a relationship fails, there is an equal contribution of both the partners. So be mentally sound, strong and focus on your life. Don’t lay strict timelines for your recovery. Give yourself time and desired rest to overcome this phase.

Reconnect with Old Friends and Make New Ones: Meeting your long lost friends and reconnecting with them can be very helpful. You can create good memories with your friends, go shopping, clubbing, dinner and much more. Spend time with your old friends or even make some new friends. Research says that meeting new friends and socializing can help you to combat your emotional stress and revitalize you.

Help someone else: Sometimes, solving someone else’s problem can make you forget your problems. Help your friends and acquaintances by solving their personal and professional problems. Give time to your friends and listen to their grievances. Try empathizing with them and take control of the situation. Take time to make your friends feel better, console them, understand and analyze their problem. Helping someone else in the need of an hour can give you a very good and positive feeling. You start looking upon yourself and feel proud that you have helped someone when he/she needed you the most.

Work it out: After giving yourself some time and being in a better mental and emotional stage. You can think of various permutations and combinations, which can work, out your relationship. You can approach your partner; ask him/her about the issues that prevailed in your relationship. Try discussing and finding solutions that can build your relationship again. Try to bid adieu on an amicable note.

Move towards a new relationship: Once you are in a better recovery position, you can take a chance on a soul searching and finding a partner. It can help you to move on over a painful breakup. However, it is necessary to assess yourself thoroughly before getting into a new relationship. One must ask, “Am I prepared for a new relationship?”” Will I be able to give my 100% to this new relationship?” Take your time and meet new people do not rush for a new relationship. Just don’t get into a relationship because you feel comfortable. Learn from your old mistakes and try to build a healthy relationship. There are several dating profile headlines for females and males which might help you to find an ideal match.

It is important to get over heartbreak, if not healed with time it can have dire consequences on your family life, career, social life, emotional and mental stability, health, etc. You should think rationally when you are emotionally deprived and going through a breakup phase. Try distracting yourself, reading, writing, meeting people, etc. It is imperative to take care of oneself and think positively. Welcome a happy life!