Gifts for Men That Were Once Considered Women’s Only

The gender identity crisis is real, especially if you were born in the 1950s, and have inflexible and out of date concepts of gender identity and gender-specific roles. But for the rest of us, especially those born after 1990, there is much less confusion and much more acceptance.

This is true in every aspect of our lives whether it be work, child-rearing, or household responsibilities. Expectations based on gender are rapidly changing. And that is also true when it comes to gift-giving.

Little girls can play with basketballs and toy trucks. And little boys can play with toy kitchens and tea services. That truth does not end at age 18. Here are a few gifts it is now okay for a woman to give to her male significant other:


It may not be obvious at first blush. But as a general rule, men love flowers at least as much as women. Their color palette may not be quite as advanced. But they are no less appreciative of beautiful things that come from nature.

Think about some of the activities considered particularly manly:

  • Hiking/nature walking
  • Gardening/landscaping
  • Nature photography/painting

These male-dominated activities should justify your instincts to give luxury roses to the man in your life. They don’t have to be the Pretty in Pink roses.

They could be the more along the lines of the Odyssey, BLVCK, and Legendary variety. Roses come in assortment of colors and sizes. Choose what best matches his man cave. There is always room in there for roses.


Okay, we might need to call them action figures. But catch them when they don’t think anyone is looking, and you will find them playing with dolls. If your last-minute gift ideas are feeling a bit uninspired, consider action figures of his favorite comic book superhero.

You can also find them in plush variants, and custom bobbleheads. There is a reason there are so many sci-fi dolls, figurines, chess pieces, candle holders, and the like. Sci-fi is dominated by males. And males love their dolls. Wether it is Han Solo or Mr. Spock (Original Series naturally), the right doll is the right gift regardless of age or gender.

A Stylish Carry Bag

Please don’t call it a purse. A murse isn’t any better. Let’s just call them carry bags. And it wouldn’t hurt if it had a little style. According to The Telegraph, more than half of men now carry a ‘man bag’. As long as it is not too stylish, and as long as it is presented with the right nomenclature, your man would probably appreciate one as a gift.

For men, the carry back is deeply personal and practical. It has to be a good carry for the laptop and or tablet. There have to be pockets for chargers, cables, and other accessories. A man will also be more likely to carry one bag for all occasions, rather than have an assortment. So it has to be perfect. But the right man bag is always a perfect gift.

Skin Care

Here’s a fun fact: Men don’t like excessively dry skin any more than women do. But they are less likely to go into a department store and look at premium hand lotions. This is where you come in. You already know which lotions are worth paying a premium for. Select the variant without flowery scent. Also, get the plainest, most unadorned bottle as possible.


I can’t tell if chocolate or diamonds is a girls best friend. But most men would likely opt for the chocolate. When they are shopping around for your perfect box of chocolate, they are looking for the ones they would most enjoy. If he has ever bought you a box of chocolates, you already know what he prefers.

Gifts are not about gender. They are about things people love to receive. So instead of that summer sausage basket you always buy, think flowers, dolls, carry bags, skin care, and chocolates.