25 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

Men love receiving gifts just as much as women do (although many will probably never admit to it). The attention, the pampering, the simple fact that you thought about them is likely to warm their hearts. I bet this is just one of the things you didn’t know about your man. It seems that men are harder to please than women. As a result, the range of possibilities is narrower in their case, since as scarves, jewelry and cosmetics simply won’t do.

And since not all men melt at the sight of a yet another wine or whiskey bottle, the search for a perfect gift for your special someone might turn into a veritable race. If you really want to surprise a man in your life with a well-chosen present, take your time and pay attention to him – gifts for men need to be fun and useful, matching their preferences, lifestyle and personality. We’ve gathered 25 gift ideas for men to inspire you – they surely won’t satisfy all guys out there, but some of them will definitely put a smile on their faces.

1. An Exquisite Chess Set

2. chess set gift idea

If your man enjoys an intellectual challenge, has a logical mind and loves a good game of strategy, then he might enjoy a beautiful chess set. Some feature a specific theme while others are true pieces of art in glass, wood or metal. Many of these masterpieces can also style your man’s home, not to mention they represent the perfect opportunity for him to teach you the secrets of this timeless game.

2. A Special Membership Card

Multi-ethnic men on putting green, shaking hands after finishing round of golf.

A gift card to an exclusivist club for men (with pool, sports fields, massage parlors and open bar) might do the trick. There are other types of membership cards to make men happy – paintball, archery or fencing classes, golf, tennis, horse riding, photography, arts and so on. If you know your man wishes to learn a new hobby or develop an existing one, such membership card might be exactly what you are looking for.

3. A Vintage Pocket Watch

4. pocket watch

A stylish pocket watch goes great with a classy man who knows everything about elegance and style. However, some also feature a Steampunk theme, being perfect for the young, smart, geek-oriented guys who read a lot. A symbol of high-end refinement, a vintage pocket watch can satisfy some very pretentious tastes. You can find them in sterling silver or Victorian bronze, in simple or elaborate designs.

4. A Stylish Messenger Bag

5. messenger bag

If your man is one of those brilliant stylish guys who love a contemporary look then you can’t go wrong with a messenger bag. Famous brands like Timbuk2, Serbags and others made it their job to offer men a wide range of bags, backpacks, and briefcases in leather, canvas and modern combinations. Messenger bags are perfect for the young urban professional with a taste for fashion.

5. A Cocktail Recipe Book

6. cocktail book

If your man is into mixing cocktails and enjoying serving them at his parties, surprise him with a fancy cocktail recipe book. He will definitely learn something new and ignite his own creativity into inventing some new mixes of his own! If you want to take things up a notch, accompany the book with a veritable bartending set as well!

6. A Fancy Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

7. bluetooth wireless speaker

We all know men love their gadgets. This type of Bluetooth speaker is incredibly useful and portable. Some are able to play wirelessly for up to 4 or 5 hours, being compatible with a wide array of tablets and smartphones. They come in funny colors as well, turning your brother or cool boyfriend into the next crowd-favorite DJ of all parties!

7. A Gourmet Basket

8. gourmet basket

We all know love goes through a man’s stomach, so spoil your guy with a refined selection of meats, cheeses, sweets, fruits and beverages to make him feel like a king. Of course, you can enjoy the exquisite delights together, turning everything into an unforgettable romantic dinner.

8. A Piece of Contemporary Art

9. contemporary art

What can speak more about your appreciation and love than a beautifully chosen contemporary painting for his living room or office, or even a stylish piece of furniture? Make sure your choice is spot on and matches his tastes, and then let him think about you every time he looks at the painting.

9. A Collection of Books

10. book collection

Search well and find the complete collection of works of an author he reveres. You may also look for books in box sets, deluxe editions, and hardcover collections with gorgeous interior illustrations, rare titles or even vintage volumes. Leather covers, golden calligraphy, aged paper, and famous writers’ names will never go out of fashion!

10. A Buddha Board

11. buddha board

Inspired by the Zen idea of living the moment and alleviating tension, the Buddha board allows your incredibly busy and stressed man to take his time and paint his own art. The painting (exclusively based on water) will then slowly disappear, leaving him with a clear mind and a clean slate to start over. Even if he is not the greatest contemporary painter alive, the simplest doodle on this board in between meetings can help him find his inner peace.

11. A Compact Portable Iron

12. compact collar iron

Such gift doesn’t say “You should iron your shirts better” but “Here is a way to iron your shirts faster”. This device helps busy traveling men to always have their shirt collars, hems and pockets crisply ironed in no time. Being compact and lightweight they can become a constant presence in his luggage, no matter where he goes. This is a perfect gift for any man who needs a well-ironed shirt in the morning but doesn’t have the time to go through the entire process.

12. A Jar Garden

13. jar garden

Many men love having a piece of sparkling green nature in their homes, but not all have the time or the patience to water indoor plants or take care of them properly. Jar gardens are rather self-sustainable miniature vivariums needing little to no care at all. Brighten up his life and his home (or office) with a delightful small garden to soothe his stressful life.

13. A Motivational Wall Sticker

14. motivational wall sticker

Another form of art, but this time with a written message! Motivational wall stickers are a big thing nowadays in interior design. You can pick a famous quote or offer him a message of your own. Such stickers go great in any house room and in his office at work. Pick a note with powerful significance or a fun meaning and have him smile every day!

14. A Stylish Turntable

15. contemporary turntable

Even if we live in the mp3 era, there is nothing comparable to the sound of old fashioned vinyl discs. Surprise the special man in your life if he has a passion and taste for music with a contemporary turntable (be it classical or modern in design) and a fine selection of discs. And you can benefit from this gift as well, as he will be more than excited to dance with you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

15. A Pair of Bedphones

16. bedphones

Sometimes, a good night’s sleep is everything a man wishes for, and now you can offer him this pleasure. Special bedphones are soft, foam and rubber coated memory wire headphones that custom fit his ears, allowing him to either isolate noise or listen to a restful, sleep-inducing tune. Make his nights peaceful and his days jolly with this simple gift speaking of your unconditional care and affection.

16. A Running Pouch

17. running pouch

Active men love a good running session, but sweat pants with bulky pockets are always a turn-off. If you want him to fully benefit from first-class jogging, buy him a magnetic running pouch. It will hold his phone, keys, music and money tight into one place, allowing him all the freedom of movement he deserves.

17. A Hand Painted Silk Tie


The modern stylish men of our world do wear ties. Such gifts are not quite out of the ordinary, unless you make them so. After all, many men can buy their own ties. But hand-painted silk ties have attitude, humor, and personality embedded in them. Some come in not-so-serious designs, but many display intricate artistic creations which speak about the man’s taste, vision and uniqueness. From a Matrix-inspired print to an eerie colored abstract painting, such ties are a delight.

18. A Set of Japanese Grooming Tools

19. grooming set

Forged in the same steel once used to make the world’s greatest samurai swords, Japanese grooming tools are known for their high-quality, durability, ergonomic designs and precision. They bear patented technology and handmade finishing. Any man will enjoy perfect grooming sessions helped by upscale clippers, scissors, and tweezers, being able to look every day as if he has just descended from the cover of a magazine.

19. A Pair of Leather Driving Gloves

20. leather driver gloves

A true James Bond or a Michel Vaillant always wears leather driving gloves, no matter if he drives a stylish Mercedes sedan or a fast and furious sports car. Offer him comfort, elegance and security with a pair of high-end driving gloves for those long convertible rides into the sunset you are going to experience together.

20. A Tabletop Fireplace

21. tabletop fireplace

Art is more than hanging paintings, and relaxation is more than fleece pajamas. A tabletop fireplace can rest on any surface, adding color, charm, warmth and comfort without smoke, fuel, smell or sparks. It can turn any room into a cozy nook, offering intimacy and pleasure. It makes a good focal point and it can compel any man to rest his mind while trying a few meditation techniques as well.

21. Unbreakable Drinking Glasses

22. unbreakable drinking glasses

They are more than just plastic; they are a miracle happening right now. Such hi-tech glasses look like regular ones, but they don’t break easily, not even during a wild party. This gift is perfect for guys who do enjoy a refined wine or whiskey glass set but don’t have the time to shop for a spare part when a glass gets broken or damaged. Your younger (and a tad clumsy) brother will worship them while your boyfriend will thank you for your thoughtfulness.

22. A Deluxe Scratch Map

23. scratch map

Help him track his travels and have fun in the meanwhile! Such maps come in a thin golden foil which can be scratched with a coin. Once he’s traveled to a destination or visited a country, he can scrape it off the map. Underneath, he will be surprised to find colored areas and a few fun facts about each place on Earth. You can turn this gift into a fun couple activity and get inspiration for your future traveling adventures!

23. A Stainless Steel Barbecue Set

24. barbecue set

Traveling and working makes any guy hungry, and nothing compares to a barbecue party together with family and friends. Your dad or husband may not be a grilling chef just yet, but with a high-quality barbecue set he might just turn into one! Perfect for every age and interest, such gift might compel a man to spend more time outdoors entertaining guests and showing off his barbecue skills.

24. A Personalized Photo Puzzle

25. personalized photo puzzle

Turning a photo into a puzzle he has to assemble is a great gift: it keeps him entertained and challenged and offers him a piece of art he can later hang on a wall. Mix child play with the adult curiosity and passion for discovery and you will have him smiling for days in a row. The puzzle can feature anything: your honeymoon favorite picture, his favorite music band poster, a gorgeous landscape he loves, his dream home, pet or classic painting.

25. A USB Charge Hub

26. usb charge hub

Men can buy their own gadgets to satisfy their needs and desires. But they will always welcome a USB charge hub to keep their phones, music players, cameras, tablets and even electronic cigarettes charged and ready for action. You can find such devices in sleek designs to match the tastes of your tech-savvy husband, boyfriend or brother.

We hope these 25 gift ideas for men sparked your imagination and gave you pretty interesting ideas! Happy shopping, ladies!