Cheating? Four Signs to Watch For

Online dating websites and social networking apps have made it easier than ever for spouses and significant others to hook up if they want to. Some websites such as Ashley Madison are marketed directly to people who are married or in a committed relationship: their slogans are blatant – “Life is short. Have an affair.” Statistics back up the reality that people want to cheat and often do. How can you tell if your partner is cheating on you? We asked New York private investigator Darrin Giglio, who has plenty of experience performing surveillance on cheating spouses.  Here are four signs he says to watch out for.

  • Appearance: The first sign of cheating to watch for has to do with appearances.Any changes to someone’s routine—especially in their personal hygiene—could be a red flag that they are sprucing themselves up for someone else.They could be showering more or at odd times. Maybe they are suddenly dressing up more than usual. If he is focusing more on his appearance than he ever has before, this could be a warning sign. Is he buying new or expensive clothing? Is she suddenly wearing cologne every day? Starting to work out on a regular basis? Any of these signs could indicate that your partner is trying to look good for someone (remember how much grooming went into your own routine when you started dating?). Some cheaters even go over the top and color their hair, get plastic surgery, or whiten their teeth. Your partner could just be trying to look good, but make sure it’s for YOU, not someone else.
  • Personal electronics/sudden need for privacy: Does your partner let you borrow his or her phone when asked? Or do they make a major issue over it when previously it was no big deal? Taking a look at your partner’s cell phone or tablet may be all the proof you need to confirm that he or she is cheating on you. An electronic record will be kept of every phone call, text, or communication between your partner and anyone else, even if they have attempted to erase it. The Internet is forever, so there is always a way to retrieve information from electronic devices. If you are suspicious of your partner, casually ask them to borrow their phone for a legitimate reason and see how they respond. If you previously were able to access his or her phone freely but now they have added a password, that’s another red flag that they may be trying to hide something. Any sudden need for privacy is a cause for concern in a relationship.


  • Major attitude changes:Has your partnersuddenly become more angry or defensive when you are trying to find out what time they will be home for dinner? Is he bringing you flowers and paying you more attention lately, which has your antennae up? Any kind of attitude change, whether positive or negative, could indicate a partner is cheating. Some people lash out when questioned; others tend to be more attentive and affectionate due to their guilty conscience. Whatever the emotion—anger, guilt, affection—be aware that it might be an indication that they are cheating. Your partner may have just had a hard day so if it’s a one-time thing, there is probably nothing to worry about. If it’s a string of attitude changes, you might want to talk to them about the root cause. If they insist that nothing is wrong, perhaps it’s time to enlist the help of a private investigator such as North American Investigations to uncover the reasons behind the shift in attitude.
  • Ditching the Date Night: When in a relationship, most of us try to carve out some alone time for each other, usually in the form of a date night. The more serious the relationship, the more effort must be made to maintain and nourish it. If you routinely have a standard date night scheduled, your partner may have another iron in the fire if he or she starts bailing on your standing plans. This is time that you have carved out as a couple to be together – if someone starts to regularly cancel on that time, be aware that something serious could be going on. Things can always come up with work and life, but if there is a clear pattern of cancelling your special times together, he or she may be ditching you for someone else.

Sometimes cheaters are blatant and obvious, but not always. If you notice any or all of these four subtle signs, know that they are well-documented indications of cheating and you need to pay attention. If you see them in your life, there’s a chance that your partner has been unfaithful, and you need to uncover the truth.

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