Girls Just Wanna Have Fun — A Girl’s Guide to Cruising

Whether you’re travelling solo or with your partner, you may be wondering what a cruise has to offer. In fact, cruises are pretty popular amongst women and there can be loads to keep you entertained. The most important thing is to remember that each ship is different, so you’ll need to find one that suits you. Abandon any preconceptions you might have that cruise holidays have to be expensive. You can see the world’s delights, save money and come back enlightened, just by taking last minute cruises for your holidays.

But do you go old school or contemporary?

Cruise ships are as diverse as hotels, so the first thing to consider is which type of cruise you want to go on. If you like the idea of travelling with a few hundred people of a similar age then you may want to choose a traditional cruise. On board a classic ship you can enjoy formal dinners and entertainment, such as a string quartet and traditional games. If you’re travelling solo and want to meet people then this could be the best type of cruise for you. Since there are set places at dinner and less people, you could make new friends and get to know a variety of the passengers. Many traditional cruises only allow adults on board, so if you really want to get away from everything, even the kids, then it may be the holiday for you. Traditional cruises hark back to a golden age of travel and are a great way to escape the fast paced, sometimes impersonal feel of modern holidays.


Contemporary cruise ships, on the other hand, may have thousands of people on board, which means there activities and entertainment options galore. Many of these cruise ships are like luxury resorts, and you’ll have your pick of restaurants, evening entertainment and leisure facilities. It may be harder to get to know people, but if you’re more concerned about leisure activities and entertainment then this could be the best type of cruise for you.

Seeing the world solo

For women who want to see the world but have concerns account safety issues a cruise can be a good solution. You can now cruise to most parts of the world and see many of its most iconic sights, from Angkor Wat and the Egyptian pyramids to Alaska and Eastern Europe. It can be a little daunting to travel to some destinations as a solo female traveler, but by going on a cruise you can feel safe and confident by exploring as part of a group. There are also guides on board that will lead excursions and help out with things like language and customs (phew!). If you’ve always dreamed of going somewhere distant and exotic then a cruise is your big chance.


Keeping the kilos at bay

Cruise holidays may not typically be associated with health and fitness, but many of the larger ships include on-board gyms and exercise class programs. On the super cruise ships you might even find tennis courts and added extras such as a climbing wall, which makes it a fine choice for people who want to prevent themselves from piling on the pounds and keep fit whilst enjoying comfortable facilities. There may even be on-board personal trainers for those who want to seriously focus on getting into shape during their trip. You could enjoy aerobics, yoga, Pilates or circuit training as well as swimming, tennis and sessions at the gym.


Feeling like the queen of the world


For woman who like a bit of pampering, a cruise can also have a lot to offer. Many of the larger ships have spas and health suites where you can enjoy massages, facials and a range of treatments for skin and muscles. Sauna, steam and time in the Jacuzzi are a simply fabulous way to start the day on a cruise. Later on you could go to on-board hairdressers and nail bar and get yourself something new to wear in an on-board boutique.

A cruise can certainly be about much more than the destinations, although these can be far more exciting than many people imagine, too. Whether you want to meet new people, get into shape or see the world in style, cruises can be a great option.

Image by weisserstier, Pero Kvrzica, Kullez and butterbeeee, used under Creative Commons license.

Rhianna Bletchley is a traveler who has always dreamed of being the captain of her own ship. She adores being at sea.