A Golden Wedding? How To Get There

These days, more couples than ever are getting divorced. In fact, 42% of all marriages end acrimoniously, with 34% of couples divorcing before their relationship hits its second decade. So to stay happily married for half a century is, in anybody’s book, a pretty impressive feat. Whether it’s yourself, your family members or your friends who have reached this amazing marital milestone, it’s time to commemorate the occasion with special gifts and celebrations. To find out more about the 50 year wedding anniversary, visit goldenweddinganniversarygifts.com and gain some inspiration for present ideas!

Where Does The Idea Of The Golden Wedding Come From?

Back in the 19th century, there were only two anniversary milestones that were celebrated – the 25th and the 50th.  These years were picked out as special because way back in the days of the Holy Roman Empire, husbands presented their wives with a golden wreath on the occasion of their 50th year of marriage, and a silver one when they had been married for 25 years in honour of the rarity of the event. Although other anniversary years passed without recognition, these two major life milestones were remembered and celebrated for centuries until the 1870s when symbols began to be assigned to other anniversary years and more widespread celebrations began.

Why Is Gold The Chosen Symbol?

Gold is one of the most precious substances on Earth, so it’s easy to see why it was chosen as the special symbol for the 50th wedding anniversary. A love which lasts so long is very rare and beautiful, just like the metal itself. Gold is also durable and long lasting, just like the couple’s enduring union.

What Are The Traditional Golden Wedding Gifts?

Traditionally, the happy couple are presented with golden gifts to mark the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary to reflect the theme of the occasion. Jewellery is always a popular choice with cufflinks for the husband and earrings, a bracelet or necklace being a great choice for the wife. Gold ornamental accessories such as bowls, clocks or statuettes are also common options. Sometimes, givers prefer to give something a little more unusual, and these days there is a growing trend for friends and family members to club together to pay for a dream vacation for the special couple, or for a special experience that will give them many happy memories in the years to come.

Celebrity Couples Who Have Passed The 50 Year Milestone

Although many celebrity couples are often divorced in the blink of an eye, there are some famous duos who have stayed together through thick and thin, and have passed their 50 year milestone. We need look no further than the Queen and Prince Philip, who have just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary in November 2017, and country singer Dolly Parton celebrated her golden wedding with her husband Carl Dean in 2016. Veteran actor Kirk Douglas also celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife Anne Buydens in 2014, proving that not all Hollywood pairs are doomed to split.

The Secrets Of A Long, Happy Marriage

Couples who have been married for half a century have learned how to work together to create a loving partnership through the ups and downs of life. They have plenty of good advice to offer about the secrets of their success. Some of their suggestions include:

  • Don’t marry in the first place unless you’re genuinely in love. While that rush of passion won’t last for ever, if you don’t have it in the first place you’ve got no chance.
  • Communication is the key – discussing morals and values before getting married is essential to finding out whether you’re actually compatible with each other in the long term. Talking about issues such as whether you want kids and how you plan to raise them, how you’re going to afford to do the things you’ve been planning, when you want to retire and where you want to live will make sure you’re singing from the same song sheet from the word go. When couples can talk about anything and everything and listen to their partner too, they are more likely to have a happy and long marriage.
  • Putting your partner first – this is one mistake that many couples make. When they have children, it becomes all about them, and then when they have grown and flown the nest, you realise that you barely know each other any more. It’s important to always make time for your partner both before, during and after having children.
  • Don’t fight when you could be eating – this is a bizarre one, but apparently long married couples believe that you can avoid arguments by eating instead!
  • Embrace change – couples who aren’t prepared to adapt as life changes around them are unlikely to last the long haul. Over time, situations change and obstacles will come up. Couples who can adapt to those shifts, whether large or small, will be able to make their marriage work in the long term.
  • Making your partner’s life easier – there are many benefits linked to making sure your partner is happy and satisfied. Of course, both partners in the couple must do the same, and therefore each will enjoy an easier and better life.
  • Taking care of yourself – letting yourself go is something that is all too common among both men and women once they have been in a settled relationship for a while. However, it can also ring the death knell for their marriage. By staying fit, healthy and well-groomed, couples are recognising how important their well-being is, not just for themselves, but for their relationship.
  • Make it about long term commitment – these days, many couples seem to go into marriage without realising that it is a long term situation. In the past, a marriage was always treated as an enduring commitment, and that meant perseverance, even through the tough times. Couples who develop this resilience and learn to work together will have a long lasting and happy union.