The Top Three Natural Ways to Relax

Life is, unfortunately, stressful – we all know it. There’s so much going on all the time and it feels like nothing is ever simple. Juggling work, hobbies, family, a social life and dozens of other things can weigh on anyone’s shoulders sometimes.

We all need things to help us slow down sometimes, but what if meditation really isn’t your thing or you don’t have time to take a well-earned vacation in the tropics?

If you want to add some more zen into your life without having to go on a Buddhist ten-day retreat, there are plenty of natural products and simple activities that can help soothe even the most fried of brains.

From herbal teas helping you get rested, to Organic CBD Oil and good old exercise, here’s just a few ways you can slow down in the crazy modern world.

1) Herbal Teas

Granted, not the most exciting relaxation technique out there – but herbal teas actually pack a lot of relaxation into a mug. There are a variety of herbal teas available, and most of them can be picked up from your local grocery store. Each type of tea can have a completely different effect on the body, which means you can mix up flavors based on what you’re looking for.

For instance, chamomile tea is great for relaxing the central nervous system and helping you get to sleep. It’s even been linked to the treatment of anxiety disorders, demonstrating that those who drink chamomile tea more often experience less severe anxiety symptoms. The amino acids in green tea also helps the body unwind, all while providing energy at the same time.

We recommend a green tea on a morning as it contains a natural dose of caffeine to wake you up; then a soothing chamomile or peppermint tea in the evening. Sorted.

2) Organic CBD Oil

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is extracted from cannabis plants and concentrated as an oil. CBD oil is rich in cannabinoids that bind to certain receptors in the brain and provide a relaxed response.

CBD is not to be confused with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is an entirely different cannabinoid and the kind that produces the feeling of being “high”. That’s not what we’re after here – THC can cause feelings of anxiety and paranoia, which are definitely not relaxing.

Instead, CBD oil takes all the relaxation elements of cannabis and leaves the “getting high” (THC) part behind, making it perfectly legal to buy and consume in most places in the world (as long as it’s derived from hemp rather than marijuana).

It’s also just a little more socially acceptable, given that CBD oil can be ingested in foods and drinks. Take note of the dosage recommendations on the bottle you buy and do not exceed them.

With CBD oil, there’s no need for smoking cannabis and the negative associations that come with it. CBD can be incorporated into your usual routines, leaving you to bask in the benefits!

3) Classic Exercise

Exercise is a fantastic way to relax your body and feel more at ease both mentally and physically. The release of endorphins following workout, also known as ‘happy chemicals’, help your body feel relaxed while also contributing to good mood. Exercising can help you get good sleep and therefore feel much more calm in your waking hours.

In addition, there’s a lot of satisfaction to be had following an exercise, or even during! Going for a jog around the block can help center your mind and provide focus. Even just going for a walk can help you to organize your thoughts and put yourself back into the best position to handle all the things you need to do.

Regular exercise helps to make your endless to-do list more manageable, and makes you realize that you’ve been in control all along: it just felt like you weren’t because your body wasn’t in motion.

Bottom Line

However you decide to relax, make sure you stay healthy and don’t overdo it. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing – remember that balance is key.

Despite trying herbal methods or exercise to aid relaxation, if you are severely struggling with an anxiety disorder or your mental health in general, there’s nothing wrong with exploring medication. It can feel like a big commitment, but it actually might change your life for the better. Always speak to a health professional before making any drastic changes to your lifestyle.