How a Letter Can Keep Your Spark Alive

Think back to those first fantastic weeks you spent getting to know your man. Late nights out on the town, laughing at anything and everything said – staying up till the sun came up, enchanted by the deep affection for each other’s spoken words. If only those words had been written down, so they could be cherished and re-lived on every read. Well, writing does more than just take you back to those precious passion-filled moments. According to research from the National Pen Company in the U.S., your handwriting can give insight into 5,000 different personality traits based on the way you space your letters, sign your name, and even how your words are slanted. By keeping letters with your beloved, you can foster a greater understanding of each other beyond what’s said over a rushed pre-work breakfast. Here are a few tips for keeping a written repertoire with your man that is sure to keep the flame lit in your relationship.

Stationery, Stationery, Stationery

There’s nothing quite like running your fingers across the smooth surface of a sheet of paper, savoring the indents left from the ink of your lover’s pen. explains that beyond the type of paper, there’s a whole world of expression waiting to be explored when diving into the different accessories of stationery that are out there. From the fluidity of a Pigma Micron to the unique elegance of a custom stamp, there are tons of ways to add that personal touch to your letters so each word written down screams “you”. Feeling a bit artsy? Maybe pick up some craft style paper and a few multi-colored markers to bring some life and pazazz to your penmanship. Or maybe you’re more conservative with your hand? In that case, it might be time to bust out your old calligraphy skills and some Pilot Parallel Pens to remind your man of the sophistication he fell in love with. Don’t be shy – find what styles and accessories best express the love in your relationship.

Keep it in the envelope

As the old adage goes, good things come to those who wait. With an endless enclave of video messaging apps and social media outlets, communication is ubiquitous no matter what form. It’s because of this easy access that the written word, more than ever, should be cherished for its intimacy and reservation. Even back in the 80’s, when having voicemail was considered state of the art, people were still enamored with the unmatched vulnerability letters exposed between two confidants; ”With letters . . . an amazing intimacy crashes in after the first two or three letters have been exchanged…The letter-writing provides an intimacy that you rarely get face-to-face.” Having the restraint to contain your love in a letter can only increase the intimacy between you and your special someone. Instead of a message or text, maybe utilize the memo feature of your phone to jot down some ideas for rumination. Try holding off on sending a mundane snap every few minutes, and take the time to reflect on what passes in the moment – it may be worth writing on later.

Think Between the Lines

Each day is a complicated struggle to manage our waking hours. From the moment you step out the door, your thoughts are scattered all over the place – keeping focused at work, settling on what to get for lunch, and coordinating plans for the weekend, our minds are usually anywhere but the present. Even so, something subtle can happen that absolutely makes your day. From something as simple to gawking at an adorable toy dachshund while eating lunch outside, or getting totally lost in the brilliant radiance of the warm shimmering sunset on your commute home. These are all wonderful tidbits and novel snippets of everyday life that usually get overlooked. Why let these precious moments slip by when they could be written down in a letter for your hon. Exchange glimpses of each other’s lives through your own writing, that way each moment preserved is completely unique to your own beautiful take on everyday life.

Feel it out, don’t overthink it

Have fun! You don’t need to write down anything too profound or stuffy like Pamela. After all, these are words meant to be shared and seen with your one and only. Going forward, think of this as an exercise in cementing your adoration of each other in written form. It’s our gift as humans to articulate thoughts and feelings with our unlimited capacity to produce beautiful language, and it’s a gift worth keeping in touch with. Make it an opportunity to strengthen the love you too already share, and look forward to the coming years when you can look back at the beautiful testimonies of love you have saved.