20 Ways to Show Your Partner You Love them

It is almost impossible to keep calm when you are in love with a person. All you want to do is climb the closest rooftop and shout the news of your love to the world. If you feel this way, you are perfectly normal.

Love is a great feeling but saying “I love you” in the traditional way every time may be boring. Wondering how to show your partner you love them in more interesting ways? Read to the end.

Showing your partner love

The truth is you don’t need to break the bank to show your partner you are in love. Simple gestures could do the magic. These methods may seem so cheap and easy to carry out. However, it will amaze you to note that they make a lot of impact.

What every partner wants to know is that you have an undying love for them. If you are going to achieve this then you must step outside the box to do something extra. Of course, they know that you love them but a few reassurances wouldn’t hurt.

You must have heard that little things count. In the case of romance, this is very true. You don’t need to spend all the money in your account to what we have on our list.

There are a few things to consider when trying to show your partner love in these unusual ways. You need to know the person’s love language, personality, and even zodiac sign. As trivial as these things may seem, they make a lot of difference.

For example, while some people prefer to touch, others just want your time, and then some want gifts. So if you buy gifts for someone who wants time and you don’t spend time, it will be a waste of resources.

Amazing ways to show your partner you love them

We have put together a couple of ways to show your partner that you love them asides saying “I love you.”

  1. Drop a mild chocolate kiss on your lover’s pillow when they are out.
  2. Pick something they enjoy doing over something doing sometimes to make them happy.
  3. When your partner gives you a hint that they will be working late, make something special for them. If you are not a great cook, then you can order dinner. It is the motive that matters.
  4. On a day your partner is very busy, it is possible they forget about food. Try taking some food to their office. It could be one of their favorite take-outs or something you prepared at home.
  5. Get his or her attention out of the blues by telling them exactly how much you are grateful for them.
  6. Before they step out of the house each day, give them a hug and a kiss on the forehead.
  7. Any time you remember something you love about your partner, don’t keep it to yourself. Spill it to your partner and watch them blush.
  8. Feeling a bit touchy? That’s fine. But, ensure your partner is fine with that touchy feely of yours in order not to cross the line of sexual harassment. Yes, that can happen in relationships. If your partner is saying no, then respect that.
  9. Any time you have a rush of emotions about your partner and they aren’t around, try this. Send a text message showing just how you feel at that point in time. You can even make it more romantic by writing it down on paper and dropping it somewhere they would find it.
  10. While sitting opposite each other at dinner, stretch forth your hand and grab theirs. When you do this, look straight into their eyes and smile. You don’t need to say any words, some feelings are better conveyed with actions, not words.
  11. Remember the footsy game? Where two people in love flirt with each other by touching feet under a table? Yeah, it is old school but it is still potent today. Even though it seems childish, it shows that you cannot get them out of your head and you just wanna touch bodies.
  12. What little things have they complained about? It will be nice to take note of such things and effect changes. The most common is squeezing toothpaste at the bottom instead of the middle. When you make changes, it shows them that you are willing to do anything for them. Even crossing a thousand miles, winks.
  13. Many people think date nights are overrated, well they are not. One way to let that person know you have them running through your mind is by planning a date night. It doesn’t have to be lavish but make sure it is ideal. More of what the person likes rather than what you like. It works like magic every time.
  14. Out of the blues, just walk up to your partner and look them in the eye. You know the way it is done in movies right? Yeah, when you catch their attention, reiterate how attracted you are to them. It makes anyone feel good when they are told that they are attractive.
  15. You know that they have certain snacks they hardly buy. Not because they don’t love them, but because they finish it all at a go. Why not get it for them sometimes and add a little note telling them that you care. Hide behind the curtain and watch them grin from ear to ear reading your note.
  16. Try going out on regular activities with your partner and then quickly turn them to dates. You can try dog-walking, fishing, or a stroll in the park. Even though these aren’t full dates, let your creative juices flow to make it one.
  17. Any time they try to start a conversation with you, be attentive. Don’t be too busy or distracted to listen to the one you love.
  18. Always seek their opinion, even for the most trivial things. It shows them how important their opinion is to you and how much you value them.
  19. Spend time together when you can, even if it is just seeing a movie at home on the couch.
  20. Learn to leave notes in places they are likely to find them very often.


These tips will help you go beyond telling your partner about your love. They will help you show your partner you love them. None of them is too difficult so you can try as many as you want.