How To Clear Your Stuffy Nose In A Fastest Way

If you’ve ever experienced a stuffy nose then you clearly know how terrible the experience is and how you wanted to get rid of it fast. Although it is normal to experience a stuffy nose, this kind of situation really puts you in a bad state and it can feel as if you are suffocating.The discomfort that comes with having a stuffy nose emanates from the fact that one is unable to breathe normally. To add to the discomfort, when one tries to blow their nose, there is not relief as nothing comes out. One might think that their nasal stuffiness is due to mucus in their nasal system.

However, it is the inflammation of certain vessels of blood in a person’s sinuses that causes the stuffiness. These inflammations are mostly caused by a sinus infection, cold, allergies or even a flu. So, how can you get rid of a stuffy nose in the fastest way? Here we are going to talk about the various ways that you can use to get rid of a stuffy nose.

If you are currently experiencing a stuffy nose, you can try any of the various ways we will outline here to try and get rid of it.

1. Massage between your eyebrows

This might sound funny or unbelievable but it is a sure way that works to help you get rid of a nasal congestion. If you experience a stuffy nose you can try to massage gently the point between the eyebrows for like a minute. The massage is said to influence nasal mucous membrane. This has a preventive effect on the inflammation and dryness of the sinuses, and also helps to reduce that might be experienced in your frontal sinuses.

2. Take a hot shower

If you have a stuffy nose, taking a hot shower can really come in handy as it also helps to decrease the congestion due to the steam from the shower. This steam helps to drain mucus from your nose which will in turn help in improving breathing. Although this is not a lasting solution, but at least it temporarily helps you get rid of your stuffy nose.Aside from stepping into a hot shower, one can also utilize hot water from the sink or any other container. The idea is to direct the hot steam coming out of the water towards your nose, whereas this hot steam will assist in reducing the nasal inflammation and at the same time thin the mucus. Though one should be careful not to burn themselves with the hot water.

3. Workout

There are many reasons as to why you might get a stuffy nose and one of them being an allergy. Allergies can also cause a stuffy nose and if you happen to experience a stuffy nose due to an allergy then working out is a good choice of solution. This is mainly because when you work out, your heart rate is increased sufficiently helping your body to warm up.This effect is really good as it helps to make the mucus in your nose fluid thereby making it easier for you to blow your nose. It only takes you 15 minutes of working out and this eventually helps you get rid of the allergic stuffy nose, also known as the allergic rhinitis.

4. Consider using an air humidifier

An air humidifier is also another great option you can choose to help clear out your stuffy nose. When there is a decrease of less than 40 per cent in air humidity, there is a drying up of mucus in your nose and this causes you to have hard time breathing.What’s even worse is that if the humidity is low and there’s too much mucus, it can develop severe complications of bacteria. Therefore, the right moisture is supposed to be between 40 to 60 per cent, and this is the reason why using an air humidifier can really help.

5. Flash the sinuses

Another way to get rid of a stuffy nose is by flashing out the sinuses. For this you can various popular devices such as the Neti Pot, which greatly helps to flush out the sinuses and give you a clean nose. Neti Pots have been around for years and people have used them to clear out stuffy noses.When using a Neti Pot to make sure you distilled or boiled water that has cooled down in order to avoid bacteria that is usually from tap water, from entering your nose. Neti Pots can be easily bought online at an affordable rate.

6. Consider using eucalyptus oil

Another option to consider when you experience a stuffy nose is using eucalyptus oil that has been made from the eucalyptus tree. This oil is also known to help treat a stuffy nose and has been used for hundreds of years. You use it by inhaling the oil which will make it easier for you to breathe since it decreases the inflammation of your nasal lining. You can also buy eucalyptus oil online at an affordable price.

7. Take allergy medication

When one is experiencing a stuffy nose, it would be wise to take antihistamines if at all their congestion is being brought about by an allergy. Such medication can be very effective at relieving a person’s discomfort as they are able to ease congestion in their nasal passage as well as reduce the inflammation of the vessels in their sinuses.There are various forms of allergy medication that one can purchase in a chemist without necessarily having the prescription of a physician. Though one should follow the instructions of the medication and avoid taking them when driving or any other activity that requires maximum concentration as many of them cause drowsiness.


When it comes to treatment of a stuffy nose, there are plenty more ways you can use to help you out. The above stated ways have also proven to be quite effective and helpful, therefore feel free try them out if you happen to have a stuffy nose.