How To Implement CBD Into Your Daily Routines

There are endless ways to implement CBD into your lifestyle so you can feel the benefits that come with this all-natural product. From adding it to your morning coffee to dropping CBD oil under your tongue to feel relief from stress, there is a product to suit you and your routine. If you’re looking for ideas on how to take your daily dose of CBD, read on to find out more!

Daily capsules

One of the most common and effective ways to take CBD oil is to take it in the form of a capsule. CBD softgels are made so that you can take your daily dose quickly and easily; and with it already measured out for you, you can make sure you’re getting a consistent amount each day. Softgels are a great way to take CBD as it is broken down straight into the bloodstream, meaning you can feel the relieving, anti-inflammatory effects quickly. They are convenient and can be added into your daily routine just like taking a vitamin.

In your coffee

Making a habit of taking your preferred dose of CBD at breakfast time is a good way of staying consistent. One of the ways that you can take CBD oil is to add it to your morning coffee or tea, you could even add it to your oats, or add it to butter to spread on toast. This is particularly handy if you don’t enjoy the earthy taste of CBD. Adding CBD to your breakfast or your favourite hot drinks before you leave the house, means that you’ll be able to feel the benefits throughout the day, so you can go about your business pain-free, calm, and focused.

Apply it as a moisturiser

Topical application is another way of adding CBD products to your daily routine. CBD lotions and creams are available to help treat pain caused by conditions like arthritis, as well as sporting injuries, aches, and strains. These CBD infused creams can be applied directly to the point of pain for soothing relief.

Using a lotion or cream on your skin as a daily moisturiser is not only good for pain relief but can also leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and looking youthful. The CBD ingredient in the cream allows for regeneration of skin cells, along with reducing redness and sore spots. If you’re looking for a way to get glowing skin, using a daily CBD cream or lotion can help.

Before the gym

If you’re a keen gym-goer, you’ll know that to perform at your best, you need to be relaxed, have a clear head, and have a good dose of energy to get through a workout. You can take your CBD in the form of a pre-workout supplement, to help you feel more focused and allow you to perform at your best. Taking your dose of CBD before you head to the gym can also aid muscle recovery and help relieve pain from sore, aching muscles.

Under the tongue

When it comes to CBD oil, one of the best ways to take your daily dose is to apply it directly under the tongue. This is most common with CBD tinctures, which come with a small dropper, so you can apply the solution with ease. All you must do is hold the solution in your mouth for 30 seconds, swallow and you’re good to go. This method is preferred for helping to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and can help you to feel calm again.

Using the dropper means you can control your CBD intake and means it can also be altered easily if needed. The bottles are portable and discreet, so you can carry them with you for relief throughout the day when you need them most. Applying your CBD drops under the tongue is easy, and you can do this whenever you feel is necessary.